Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So Joy has discovered the art of walking with her push toy, walking holding someones hand(s) and walking along a wall, but not walking all on her own. We imagine it won't be too long though. I will try and post it as soon as she does.

This month has been a little crazy! I can't even remember all that has happened. We have been to Moody Gardens Palm Beach a couple times, we continue to Monkey Around allot. \

The big events were I went away for a night and left Dad and Joy alone! They both survived and are still on speaking terms with me and each other. I had a great time with my cousins. We decided when our Maw Maw passed away we wanted to be able to get together on occasion, and waiting for our Dad's to help us would mean never doing it. So we took it upon ourselves and have a cousin's weekend each year. Last year we went to Galveston. This year we went to Salado Texas, which we loved! It's a great little town in the middle of hill country. Basically it's one street lined with all kinds of shops, Antiques, crafty stuff, Texas stuff, etc. It was a good relaxing and fun visit with the cousins and just generally nice to get away.

The other big even this month was a visit from my friend Mary, her boys, and one of her nieces. We had a great time, we went to Moody Gardens, did the beach, the Aquarium and the Rainforest. Then we went to the real beach (so her niece could see Galveston beaches are not really white sand and blue water). When we got to the real beach Michael (Mary's Youngest) William (one of the twins) and Joy were all sleeping so since I am very familiar and not a fan of Galveston beaches I stayed by the cars while Mary, Holly and John Morgan trekked to the beach. While sitting there taking to Rob on the phone I was looking at my tire and saw a nice big tear in it. So I called AAA and about an hour later they came and changed the tire to my donut. Then we did a short tour of the rest of Galveston and came home. That was a full day plus some! Friday Mary took her crew to visit her Aunt Ruth and then we met up with them at Kemah where we rode the train and watched the kids in the fountain. Then we said our goodbyes around 1:00 and Mary started to Dallas and I went to buy a new tire. That night around 9:00pm Mary gave me a call as they had just dropped off Holly and were on their way home! Yikes that was a long trip!!

This month we also helped my sister Vicki move from her house which they are renting to the work house. Then on Tuesday Rob went back over to help Marty with some stuff and after they were done they played some basketball with some much younger guys and Marty came home hurting. By the end of the week Vicki convinced Marty to go to the doctor (same one she went to when she broke her foot) and his Achilles Tendon is detached. He is having surgery on Wednesday (tomorrow). This is not helpful as many things were left undone at their home in Katy. So we went back and helped with a garage sale on Saturday and Rob helped with a few things in the house that needed fixing. Marty's Aunt and a family friend were there to help.

For the future... Tomorrow I start work at the church's Preschool/Mother's Day Out program. I will be working MWF, except the next 3 days are teacher work days so I will be there all 3. This means Joy will also be attending MDO on MWF. I will let you know how it goes!

We all know what is coming on the 19th! I am both excited and nervous. I look forward to her getting older, although I am loving her as a baby! I know I will love her as she grows, but it's hard to imagine her getting bigger. She is a sweetheart and I do love how she is now, and know I will love the person she grows up to be! As I have time I will update

Thursday, August 2, 2007

been awhile...

Wow, it's been about a month since I last gave an update so I guess one is due. We have no new milestones we reached this month. She weighed in at 17lbs2oz on the 19th, which is 8 oz more than the month before. So she is steadily gaining 8oz a month now. From what other moms with kids the same age this is impressive as most of them are not gaining allot of weight at this time, if any they seem to level off when they begin crawling. Anyway that is our weight for now. Joy has also started to cut her "top I-teeth" if your keep count this will be 4 teeth, and if you know which ones those are, yes she is cutting these before the middle ones. She's a little odd now with her bottom middle two and the top one out from the middle two.
Activities this month... I had a friend from college come and visit for a week. We had a good time did a few things around town, but mostly just hung out. Joy and I also took a short trip to Dallas to visit with my friend Mary and her 4 boys, twin 2 year olds and the newest member of the family Michael, who is 3 months old, and of course the big boy Lynn (her husband). Joy was a little jealous as Michael has a ton more hair than her. She tried to pull it, but otherwise had no care for the moving doll Mom kept playing with. She did enjoy the two very active boys who would run past her and sometimes grab a toy and either say Giechael's or Mine (Geichael being their very cute mispronunciation of Michael). We enjoyed sitting back and watching the four of them figure each other out. I think we scared the boys because when I first arrived with Joy I met Michael but the twins were sleeping. Then Mary and I took a quick trip to the outlets and when we came back the boys were awake and Michael was asleep and they called Joy Michael, but could not figure out how he had grown and changed so much during their nap. Silly boys! I did forget my camera so I have no pictures of that visit. I was impressed I remembered everything for Joy!
We are also very happy to have a consistent group going for play dates on Thursdays or Fridays. We are the youngest at this time, but we are having a great time and love playing with the other kids. I think I have found my mommy group niche.
Our big news for the month is Joy has a new toy for her 10 month birthday she got a walk behind toy, which she loves! We don't encourage it too much, but we will help her get up and "walk" around the house a little. She has some bad steering issue (she learned from her Mom). but she is loving it! She hasn't yet figure out the walk with Mom or Dad holding her hands yet. I am sure it will come soon enough!
I know what you really want is pictures so here you go...Joy Finally let go in the pool since I got her in the float and the water is warmer she is much happier to go swimming!

One day I look down for Joy from the couch and I see she is climbing IN the coffee table, I quickly got the camera not sure if she would be happy or sad by the time I got back, but she seemed to enjoy her short stint under the table! I am glad I got it on camera, she has only tried one more time to do this again, but decided against it half way in!