Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay so maybe it's not all Rob's fault that I don't post too often. Nothing much happening in our lives of great signifigance so not allot to post. I think that is good means things are happening as they should. So here are some pictures to update you on our lives.

This is Joy being cute in her adorable red dress and black shrug, just had to share.

Here we are at the zoo apparently I am taking a picture to see if something is caught in my teeth?!?

More zoo, we were there with our Mommy group first time to go with a group and let her out of the stroller. We learned 2 things, taking the stroller is a good idea, going with a group and letting her go ahead while Mommy is the back of the line going through the children's zoo crazy doors is a bad idea. My timid shy never leaves Mommy's side child ran from the crazy doors down the otter slide and was on her way to the playground when I finally got out of the crazy doors. I guess we have been to the zoo enough she is comfortable there and usually I am right there following her because it's just our family or me and one other person so she did what she usually does. I don't think she even knew I wasn't right there with her, but she still got a good scolding and we went back to the group. She didn't leave my side again. This is my angel sitting on a bench at the zoo.

Riding the carousel, a must do we rode the polar bear this time.

This is Tucker, we like him, but we miss Mac.

Excuse the PG-13 shot, but she put on Daddy's socks and pulled them up then put on his shoes all by herself and then Daddy took the picture! Too cute!

This is her new swing. Hurricane Ike made us take down the old swing, and Rob just never put it back and she has been begging for it to go back up. The problem is it's lopsided and hard to push, it's just difficult to push her for the 10 seconds she wants then take her out again. So he offered the idea of a single rope swing. I went ahead and got it, and this is what she does with it. She stares at it. She tried it once with Daddy, but didn't get the concept. The good news is she isn't asking for a swing anymore?!?

If Joy catches you laying on the floor she will usually say turn over I want to ride you. So sometimes we let her and other times it's a no go. On this day she was being particularly cute/funny about riding Daddy so I took some pictures. This first one is how she gets you to get up, she pulls on the shirt until you relent and get up.

Along with this smile is an infectious laughter so even if you are the horse you are getting the benefit of knowing that she is having a great time!

My project. So we have been working on and off on the front lawn/gardening beds for awhile. First we had the million bushes that attacked you onthe way in. Rob pulled those out (amazingly hard work) and we were left with the long bed, which I then decided to pull the railroad ties off of. Those things are huge and heavy and I had to be rescued about half way through that project. Since then that bed has stayed pretty empty we ocassionally took some dirt out of it, and then planted some monkey grass along it to make it look like we cared. It really evolved into a nice weed bed. We got one letter from the home owners association and pulled the weeds, but like good weeds they came back. So I finally borrowed Elizabeth's cultivator so we could really do something to that bed. This weekend we cultivated, weeded and planted that bed with some bulbs of caladium and cannas. I have no idea what will happen but I hope it looks good. Next project is I wanted to take the railroad ties off from around the Magnolia tree in the front yard (I really do hate those things). Rob and I talked about it Sunday while working on the other bed, but he said no not to start another project. Fine I didn't that day!
Today I started that project. I dropped Joy off at daycare and since I couldn't find a sub job I went to Home Depot to get some dirt, marking spray paint, possibly some more monkey grass and a shelf for our laundry room. Step 1 remove railroad ties. Now the others had started no problem because they terminated at the wall. This was a bit more of a challenge. In the end I used the circular saw to cut through them then hand sawed a little further then picked them up and dropped them by our trash spot. I had forgotten that they are not 2 deep as it looks, but 3 deep, but I did manage to get it done. This is a picture of step 1.

And the railroad ties waiting for someone to come take them either trash on Thursday or some crazy person between now and then.

Next I marked the new bed size.

I removed the grass from one side

then the other.

I also planted the Mondo grass (the closest I could find to what we already have) obviously I still needed more.

Finally I went back to Home Depot got some edging and more mondo grass and this is the result... My square bed is now round. I still need more dirt, but I must say it is very much an improvement. I also bought some annuals but waiting to get the dirt in before I put in the flowers.