Sunday, October 26, 2008

0 to 2...

So it finally happened I got jobs! Yes I wrote that and you read it right jobs. I am now both an employee of Toys R Us across from BayBrook Mall and CCISD. Well the CCISD will be official this coming Tuesday. I am not crazy and we are not broke, we are being proactive and trying to avoid being broke or going crazy. I started Joy in her daycare in September thinking I would already be subbing then. Well 2 months later I am going to start. In addition that little storm named IKE hit and between the extra eating out and the future new roofing and fences we are trying to not go into more debt. Then this little holiday called Christmas is coming. I am a giver and love presents so it's hard to budget for them when really I know when I find something for someone and it's just right that's what they get. My Mom's Love Language is gifts, I try hard to speak her language (although I don't always quite get it right). So really the 2 jobs are to breakeven and not be in debt. I started my first real shift on Friday and it was rough on my feet, but a new pair of shoes which I needed anyway should help that. The subbing will start next Thursday not sure if I will attempt a sub job on Halloween?!? So that's it, that's my insanity of the moment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Songs by Joy...

Here are 2 of the songs I have heard Joy singing lately...

The itsy bitsy spider did fall
Falling down falling down

(Please note that as she changed songs she changed tunes also.)

The other is a little more subtle...

The mommy called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys sitting in the tree.

We got really lucky other day and caught her in a singing mood and she sang a few songs for us, mainly Happy Birthday. She has become proficient with Happy Birthday, but also expects to blow out candles no matter who she sings the song to. In fact at a birthday party for a little boy (he turned 5) she was across the room sang the song and then blew and told me she had blown out the candles!

In other news, since I have been unable to this point to work for CCISD as I had hoped (although I have been told I will be in the Oct 28th orientation) I am also looking for a side job to cover the extra daycare costs up to this time and also for just some extra cash and maybe to not have a credit card bill after Christmas. I applied at Toys R Us and Kroger and they both called me back I had an interview at Toys R Us yesterday and one is scheduled for Kroger Thursday AM. I will try and remember to let you know if I get either job. If I do then don't expect a blog for awhile!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This morning as I am sitting at the computer catching up on some morning things Joy walks in and her morning greeting to me is not a friendly Good Morning Mommy or even a hello. It's "Mommy this sock is icky." I scratch my head and send her back to her room to put it in the laundry.

Another conversation was after school she was eating a snack at home and I told her we were going to the park for a "fair" and we were going to see a pony. She then says "I have a pony." I then realized she only knows pony as the pony tail on her head. I quickly amended my comments to talk about the horses.

The fair was our neighborhood's National Night Out meet your neighbors thing. So Joy and I started to the park. The best way to do this is start with her pulling the wagon. When she gets tired she will push for awhile, then maybe pull again. She does all this and we are about 5 houses away now and Ike debris blocked the sidewalk so we crossed the street then she tried to convince me to go home. I promised her their was better stuff at the park than home. So she climbed in and rode the rest of the way. At the park she found 2 moon bounces (one of the obstacle course type and the other a regular moon bounce. She happily played in the obstacle one until some bigger kids started running past and running into her. So we moved on to the second one. This lasted until again big kids invaded. So I asked her if she wanted to see the horses. She agreed and climbed out of the moonbounce and we walked toward the horses and petting zoo. Last time I tried to get her to ride a horse she cried, this was in February. Today she was begging to ride it, I said sure (it was free) so we tried it. She got on the horse sitting on the sadle and pulling the horn and going back and forth trying to get the horse to move (this was to the amusement of all 3 of the horse leaders). She rode that horse then went over to the petting zoo animals. They were in a nice little caged area where if you are brave enough you can go in too. Joy was brave enough and walked right in and up to a goat a little bigger than her and petted it. Of course the goat moved a little and this frightened her off a little. She gathered back her courage by looking at the turtle and the bunny in the cage. She then asked for another horse ride. No line so I said sure, and we rode a different horse. After the horse ride a line had formed so I did not allow a 3rd right off. We instead went to get some food then visit the fire truck. She wasn't sure about the truck at first and didn't want to go in, but I put her in anyway and she enjoyed it. Then she saw the steering wheel and wanted to drive it. That was not allowed and that upset her a little so we went back to the petting zoo. She had found her courage again and walked right up to a goat and gave it a hug. It was very cute, but also a little weird as this is a very new courage to her. We somewhere in all this also got a balloon puppy with leash. We finished with the petting zoo and went for one last moon bounce (again disturbed by older kids) and then one more horse ride (the 3rd one, she had to ride all 3 ponies!) Then we came home. On the way home in the wagon she kept saying I wanna go that way and pointing back at the park. I think she liked it! I was even good enough to take the camera in hopes of getting her to sit on one of the horses. I did get a picture of her on each one, although the quality is still to be determined as I would not go far from her side while she rode the horse. The pictures will be up when the Apple Computer comes back. Email Rob to ask when that will be.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2 Year Pics

Before Ike we had pictures set and scheduled for the Wednesday before Joy's birthday. The studio called on Tuesday and said they didn't have power and some of their stuff was damaged so the appointment was canceled, and they weren't willing to reschedule at the time.
I decided to check into the Babies R Us near us since they recently (okay probably not that recent but still new since Joy was born) put in a little picture studio there. I went in on Friday and scheduled an appointment for Monday. She did really well and we got some cute shots here they are:

These first two are the second in a yearly event I have begun, not the Minnie dress, but with the giant Mickey. Last year she had her 1year pictures with Mickey and now she has a 2 year picture with Mickey. And yes that is the same Minnie Dress as last year, why buy a new costume for Halloween when last year's fits?

The ducky pictures are because of her love of ducks this year and her party was Ducky themed. The majority of these ducks are ours. The one in the tub is from Great Grandmother when Joy was born, so if you don't like all the ducks blame her.
These last 2 are just Joy the more traditional 2year shot. The dress (which Joy calls her party dress) is a hand me down from Lily, we love the dress! I saw it in Dillards when it was originally for sale and almost bought it except for the high price tag. When I saw Lily had it I hoped it would come to us, and it has! I love it! If you can see in the pictures where the balloons gather their is a number 2. It has multiple other numbers and a couple other shapes too. You will probably see this dress again.