Thursday, May 31, 2007

New tricks!

Joy is well on her way to being a mobile baby! She has many tricks for getting around as she is working on the important task of crawling. She will get her arms and front half up off the carpet look at you and push... backwards. If that isn't getting her where she wanted to go then she will half roll over then stop and go the other way, somehow this does move her forward (smart girl!) Then their is always just rolling over and over and over until you get where you are aiming, but if whatever is not in a direct sideline direction she will stop readjust her direction with the half rolls then return to the roll until she gets where she wants to go. Sometimes she is just out for the adventure! She will roll until she gets to nowhere. The first time she really did this we were waiting on my sister Vicki to come visit and so Joy got herself ready to answer the door, but she stayed off the cold floor and on the carpet!
She has also surprised me a few times because I will put her in one place or position and go do something for less than a minute come back and she is in a totally different place. One day I set her up to play in her "tent" (Peek & Play discovery dome). She was sitting very nicely so I stepped away for a minute thinking she's safe in there for a minute. I come back look in the tent and she wasn't there. I then heard a little coo from the other side of the tent. She was looking up at me from the outside of the tent like it was normal for her to move around!
The newest "trick" was a surprise today I was sitting on the floor half watching her half reading a magazine. She was happy rolling around in her usual play area, and then I looked up and she was sitting up looking at me like how did that happen. I didn't know, in fact it took me a second to realize she hadn't been sitting there the whole time and had just been rolling around! She sat up all by herself!! I was so happy I think I scared her with my praise! She got a bottle which it was almost time for anyway and we were all happy :)
She is trying hard to work on crawling. I have started to try and crawl around her allot and expose her to others crawling next week should be interesting with VBS she will be with others all morning! I don't yet know what other kids will be with her, but I believe most of the kids at our church around her age are already crawling so she will be the only one not mobile. I just hope she doesn't start crawling without me to be there to see it! If so I hope the ones watching her don't tell me so I will think it's her first time with me watching or at least in the room! She manages to do more when your not watching!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Swim time!

I love to swim and I am excited to pass this love of the water on to my daughter. So today in medium warm Houston we decided since Daddy was home we would try out our local swimming pool. I walked by other day to see if it has a kiddie pool or not and it does. So we were on a mission to go swimming today! What I failed to notice in my walk by other day was that the kiddie pool was green, not cleaned at all. So we ventured into the big pool. I know it's still May and not terribly hot yet, so the water was a little chilly (a kiddie pool would be warmer since it's not as deep or big!) Anyway we tried it out and Joy had an okay time. She hated the cold at first, but eventually warmed up to appreciate the fun that could be had.

Joy's ready where's the water?

Okay Mom's feet are in what about Joy's?

Here we are in the water, notice how tight she is holding on!

Now we are in the middle of the pool okay, not too bad, only her feet are in the water.

We finally got Joy to sit on the top step, at first it was a little unnerving, but she warmed up to it and splashed a little and enjoyed it for a couple minutes.

All good things must end, but when you look this cute it's okay!

Monday, May 14, 2007

For Geneva

My friend Geneva told me I needed to update my blog and tell all about Mother's Day. So here it is for you Geneva :)

My First Mother's Day:

This year I decided to be the hostess for our Mother's Day family lunch. So Saturday evening my sister came to spend the night and we prepared for Mother's Day. I made 2 pies for lunch, and we got things mostly ready (I had done most of my part since I didn't want to do too much on Mother's Day). We finally got to bed around midnight after we talked and prepared everything.

Mother's Day itself began as most Sundays do. We got up got ready for church and went to church. Joy wore her Easter dress so of course she looked beautiful. At church all the moms received red carnations and were honored in the service. After the service I was chatting with other girls from my Sunday School so I gave Vicki the security tag for Joy and she and Rob went to get her. I guess the good thing is not anyone can have the security tag and get her, Vicki had to show she also had Dad's permission. They picked up a nice little poem and a pink rose for me from them also. We then came home and finished prep for the lunch. I had done all I wanted to, but also ended up setting the table, and doing a couple other things before people arrived. The lunch was nice my uncle cooked a turkey in his Green Egg ( it's funny he even went to a Green Egg get together!) My sister made Cauliflower and Salad, and everything turned out nice. We all had a good time talking etc. My family isn't that big on my Mom's side, it's my Mom, G-Mom, Sister & brother in law, Aunt & Uncle, then our little 3 some; 9 people total. After lunch we did the gift thing. I got from my mom a cake cookbook (I now want to learn fondant more than I did before). My grandmother gave me some various stamps and stamping materials. My sister gave me a bib that says I love my Aunt, and some pampered Chef tools I have been needing. My daughter got me a very sweet card, a candle which I opened early and was burning the whole day, and a beautiful necklace with her birthstone on it!. I love it!! She did a great job shopping and I am very happy with my first Mother's Day. Thanks to those who helped her! Okay I know what everyone really wants is pictures so here they are:

Joy & Her Aunt Vicki showing off the bow off Mom's present and the new bib.

Joy thinking she can crawl! (Don't worry she only looks like she can!)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Photo's for fun!!

Just for fun I thought I would put some pictures on since I just took them off the camera. Enjoy captions are below the pics!

A little while back I decided to just see what she would do if I allowed her to grab the food bowl like she always wants to. This was the result food everywhere, except in her mouth. Although since then she has begun to open her mouth for the cereal!! Yeah!!

This is Joy playing with her basket of toys, she empties it on ocassion and will also look for specific toys out of it. I also love her shirt it's Mickey and has her name!!

I just love this little dress and matching hat, it's just too cute. I mentioned to Rob we needed to take some outside shots of her in the cutest outfit ever and when I ran to the store he did! What a great Daddy!

This was just too cute to miss, the bucket she is in is from when I was teaching I kept the books in the bucket, I had one for each table. I now use it to transport clean laundry from the dryer to her room or our room. I had this one in the living room and decided to see what she would do if I put her and her toys in it. She had fun!!

Notice the train is not together or upright, this is because Joy does not allow it to stay upright with animals in it when she sees it. She likes the animals out of the train and the train on it's side. This picture was taken today along with the one below.

What Mommy aren't you done with that flashy thing?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's a tooth!!

IT'S A TOOTH!!!! It's really small and just barely visible, but you can feel the roughness and Rob let her "chew" on the bottom of his Sobe and he could hear it!! Finally Baby Girl has a tooth!! She teethed very well too, she has been unusually fussier than normal the last 2-3 days (fussier than normal = fussy at anytime other than nap time) but she wasn't feverish and she still slept most of the night (she woke up earlier last night for the first feeding). She did take more from her bottles that she had for awhile before this. Anyway she has a little baby tooth! She is no longer toothless and hairless, just hairless, although if you know her well and look the hair is longer, still blond, but more is definitely there! That is the news of the day. When it shows up a little more (more than a fraction of a quarter of a centimeter) we will attempt a picture! Until then just imagine a teeny tiny little tip of a tooth, you can't really see it's more of a feel thing :)