Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Little Parrot Shadow

Well she learned to crawl a little over 2 weeks ago! I can't believe it! Since then she has decided she doesn't have to be in the room with Mom and Dad. She can strike out on her own and we will follow. However I have also noticed that when I leave a room she will watch and either try and follow or be content where she is. So I sometimes have a very slow shadow! I encourage this as I enjoy having her follow me around and see what I am doing, and since she is so slow if I am just running to do something I am usually back before she has gone too far! My favorite though is when I am getting us ready to leave for somewhere it's easier to do our bags and her in separate trips so I get the bags ready and then I take them out to the car, and open the garage door. When I come back she is sitting by the door waiting for me! It's great she knows we are getting ready to go and I no longer have to pry a toy out of her hands or bring it along! She hasn't yet figured out how to bring something with her when she crawls!
Her other new trick this week she ha sonly done twice, but I think she is working on developing this. She will mimic something I say. The first time she did this she had woken up from her nap and was playing in the crib, I went to get her and she backed away from me, I guess not wanting out yet. So I told her okay I will leave then, and I walked toward the door and said Bye Bye while waving. She then waved her arm (something she does most of the time) and said ba ba in the same tone as I said Bye Bye! hmmm?!? The second time was similar in that she mimicked the tone of what I said. Silly little girl!

Okay here is the video of her pulling up...

Here is the video of her crawling it's from the first day she crawled and she has sped up since then, but still pretty slow!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A week of milestones!!

Okay so last week on Monday she pulled up (see previous post). Then on Wednesday she decided to crawl! I got a little video of it and we are currently working on getting that video and the video of her pulling up on here for everyone be patient Rob's in charge of this.
Since Wednesday she really hasn't crawled any further than where she would roll last week and occasionally she reverts to the rolling because it's what she is better at. I will keep nagging Rob for the video.
This weekend Joy went to the zoo for the first time and we went ahead and got a year pass for me which means I can go anytime free with one guest (anyone can come) Joy is free since she's under 2, let me know if you are interested in going with us!

Joy liked watching all the people oh and the animals too!
Baby Mac and his Mommy! Mac is actually about half a month younger than Joy!

Wow! What's that creature?
Mommy & Joy on the Merry go round riding the Okapi
(a strange Zebra Giraffe mixed animal, it's real we saw one!)

Last but not least tonight at dinner we were at a local BBQ place (which we love) and I didn't have any spoon foods for Joy so we were just giving her puffs and cheerios like usual, to entertain her she plays with them on the table and occasionally we would spoon feed her one (yes spoon feed her a puff it works!) Well recently she had been trying to self feed these but with little to no success, then tonight we are watching her and talking and we notice that she not only has it in her mouth, but she has managed to get her hand out without the puff stuck to it!! YEAH Joy!!
So in review since last Monday she pulled up, crawled, went to the zoo and fed herself!! Wow what a week!

Monday, June 4, 2007

My big little girl!!

So today Joy took her afternoon nap as usual, and I caught up on email and actually caught Geneva online and got to chat with her. I hear Joy wake up and think nothing of it I usually let her play by herself a little before going to get her. As long as she is happy I like to finish what I am doing, and at the time I was chatting with a friend I never get to chat with.
So I finally break off the conversation (don't worry Geneva she was only in there a couple of minutes awake) and go to check on her cause I hadn't really heard her in a little bit. I open the door scan the bed and I didn't see her! I then start scanning the floor where has she gone (know this is happening in the seconds as I am walking across her small room to her crib). I look back in the crib after not seeing her on the floor thinking I just missed her in a corner, and sure enough I had missed her STANDING in the corner!! I guess in her playtime I had given her she decided to sit up then that wasn't enough fun so she decided to stand! I praised her (although not as loud or happily as I wanted to since that scared her last time) she then lifted her hands off the rail she had been holding so well and fell hitting her head on the other side of the crib. She was fine, and I was till proud of my big little girl.
Later today Rob and I were watching her play on the floor in front of the tv and she reached up and got a good hold on the base of the entertainment unit. She managed to pull herself about 3/4 of the way up then lost her grip on the unit. down she went for Dad to catch her. We then figured she wouldn't try again tonight, but we kept watching her. Eventually she did decide on the other side of the unit to try again and this time succeeded. She managed to stay up for a small photo shoot from Mom and then she toppled again. Dad then got the video camera and managed to catch her getting up one more time before she tired out and had to go to bed!
What a big girl she is now she can pull up!