Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm updating!!

Okay I told you it would be Mid-October before I could update! Here it is I am updating (and by the way I would prefer to be going to bed, but this is for you Geneva and Michelle.)

The Birthday Week was long but fun. Paw Paw and Grand (My Dad and Step Mom) were here Sunday through Tuesday. Then Wednesday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa (Rob's Mom and Step Dad) came and stayed through Monday morning. On Tuesday and Thursday we went to Moody Gardens (I love that place!) mostly for the adults, but Joy also likes to see the fishies! Friday I did the cake which is in the previous post, I was proud of it and it tasted as good as it looked! The party was Saturday at 11:30...
The Party was a success. We had a great time and Joy did not freak out with all the people watching her. When people got here we basically hung around for awhile. Then we had some food (burgers by committee) and then we did presents and last we had cake. Joy got the small butterfly cake all to herself. At fist she poked at it eating one star of icing off at a time, then people quit staring at her and she managed to smash her smash cake :) Okay we all know what you really want is not my babbling but the pictures so here:

This is before we opened presents. The rocking chair was one of her gifts from Me and Rob. It was my rocking chair as a child and has a music box on it, great for annoying my sister. I re-did the cushions to have it match her stuff.

She would not wear her crown, but it was fun to try anyway.

Here she is picking the stars off one at a time.

Then she figured it out...

Okay so that is all the birthday news.

Other Lybarger news and notes...

Rob - nothing much to report here, he is doing well and still likes his job most of the time. He has also had a birthday and is now 34. We did a family dinner at Olive Garden on his b-day (October 3rd) and then an extended family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on Saturday. It took 30 minutes to get there and then 30 minutes to get from the freeway to the restaurant (it's one block you have to love the Galleria!) After that we did have a good time. And he felt well celebrated.

Donna - The Sunday before Joy's b-day I was working in the preschool extended session at our church (the time after Sunday school during big church). While in there my knee popped a little louder than usual but I thought nothing of it. Later that day it began to hurt a little still thought nothing. Each day it hurt more and more. I finally would take Aleve at night to help the pain and let me sleep. Then last Tuesday I broke down and called a doctor and was seen. I have/had fluid in my knees. He prescribed Ibuprofen and said call in 2 weeks if it's still hurting. I have been taking the ibuprofen and noticed it wasn't hurting so I stopped a couple days ago so far it's okay and only a mild ache on occasion (I have a high tolerance for pain and hate taking meds). So that is where that is now. after 2 days no drugs I am doing better than I was so I guess the fluid's gone? I might call this week just to double check he doesn't want to follow up, but it feels okay now.
I am also working at the Parent's Day Out/Preschool at my church, which I enjoy, but we still have a few kinks we re trying to work out, both with Joy and with my classroom. Pray that we can get the kinks ironed out!

Joy - Well she began really walking on September 11th. Since then she has decided it's better to walk than crawl and has almost perfected the getting up without assistance, although if you are near she wants your help. She loves her outside walks that she now gets to take she will walk on the sidewalks and the driveways but not in grass. She cut 3 more teeth the week of her birthday, which brings the total to 7. I think I might have seen another coming in too, but not sure. I did weigh her on her b-day and she was 18lbs 2oz. This continued the last few months weight gain curve so all is good there. I am more relaxed and so the bottles are gone. All but the night time one. She is confidently drinking out of a straw all day and then at night I give her 8oz of formula in a bottle just to make sure she gets through the night. I think when we are out of formula that will be the end of the bottles!! I don't know how to wean this last night night bottle, but I am sure she will do better than me! She is eating fairly well, he favorite things are french fries and fajitas (she loves Taco Cabana fajitas!) She drinks whole milk except for the last bottle of the day. She is doing well, and loved by all! If I missed anything let me know. Here are a couple more pictures for the road!

Grandma has a cane and Joy liked to walk around with it, didn't bother her it is twice her height!

Rob's Piano - Peggy and Fred brought his piano from Florida and Joy loves it!