Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fun

So far this summer we have learned about some new summer activities:


Okay not really a summer activity but Lego opened a store in our mall and we helped build a giant Yoda to celebrate the opening. Here is the master builder working on the head.

Here is Joy enjoying the Duplo table

Yoda getting the top of his head

Fixing the ear they knocked off while getting the head on

Yoda and his Mini Me

Joy's new pool

Eating corn and a hot dog bun in her swim suit

I like the back as much as the front of the swimsuit.

Eating at the windowsil

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Week of VBS...

This week as I stated before was VBS week. I had a good time doing the crafts with my friend Michelle. I was a little disappointed with Joy's class. The preschool VBS director thought she could do it after asking and getting turned down by multiple people she quit asking and decided that she would do the Toddler class. Well on Monday she tried for a little bit then between the other kids not staying in the wagon when she got stopped (Joy stayed in, she loves the wagon at church) and getting pulled in 100 different directions she finally found some reluctant volunteers. I don't remember if it started Tuesday or Wednesday morning, but as we were driving to church when we got to where she could see it or if I told her where we were going she would start no church no church. This broke my heart. This also frustrated me. I am volunteering at the VBS something I love to do and is simple for me to do the only thing I need is someone to care for my child. I was asking and wanting her to have a curriculum this year, and I understand not everyone is great with toddlers, but in the whole church no one would do it? Anyway by the end of the week she was okay with the situation and we are done with that for now. Next week is a free sew camp at church and I have arranged a teen to take care of Joy and one other child. I am going to do my home care on Tuesday, and be at the church the rest of the week. I will let you know how the sewing goes later!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This and That

Well it is VBS week and Joy is not sure about going to church again every day this week. This is only day 2 but Sunday and yesterday she has woken up from her nap in a bad mood. She wants to do everything and nothing at the same time! Then when you get her set to do something (that she begged you to do) she refuses to do it! That is when I give up and say your on your own you can come do this with me, or you can play by yourself. That gets me about 10 minutes of no whining, then it starts over! I am hoping she will do better today when she wakes up because she was a grump this morning!
I do have some pictures for you so here instead of me rambling how about some pictures!

This is how I caught her sleeping one day, criss-cross applesauce with her legs in the air! Just a fun outside picture!

Happy Daddy! That was all I could get from her on Sunday in an attempt to say Happy Daddy's Day.

They like to play piano together on Daddy's piano.

Other happenings, our Moody Garden's passes will expire at the end of this week so we went for one last time this weekend. We had a good time, and I am sure we will miss the fishies this year. We did renew our Zoo pass so I can still go to the zoo and take one other person in for free, and get a discount on additional beyond the one free. Wanna go to the zoo?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Geneva I haven't stopped blogging...

It however is summer, which means more home time, which means more mess which means less time on the computer, and when I do get here I prefer to do other stuff first. So for now blogging is on a back burner, but if something exciting happens I will let you know.
As for our recent excitement, I started watching 3 other kids this past week. It went well except that 2 came on one day and one on the other, and it made it more difficult on the day with only 2 kids (Joy and one other). This week they are all coming on Thursday, which will I think be better as it will keep me more focused on what we are doing. This week is beach/ocean week so we will be painting the ocean and putting fish in the ocean. I guess I need to make those fish!
So far from this Joy has learned she doesn't want to share. This week at the library on Tuesday she was very adamant in saying that the library's toy was hers and she would not share with another child. Then today at the beach she was again very sure she did not want to share her sand and water toys with the other kids. I told her it was fine and she allowed it begrudgingly. She has also learned "hold you" from one of the other girls. I will call her "C" so she remains anonymous. C's Mom had just dropped her off and she was a little sad, although never full out cried about it, and so she asked me "hold you" and I told her I would be glad to hold her. Now Joy says "hold you" when she wants you to hold her. If Daddy happens to pick up and she wanted Mommy she will say "Hold you, Mommy" I don't correct her yet, as I like this grammer mistake, it's just sweet and cute!
I think that is about it. We have been to "the beach" which is really Moody Garden's white sand pool beaches a couple times this summer, and we tried the pool once. She is not a fan of the water right now, but we can't really do swim lessons as it isn't in the budget, and I would hate to pay and then her hate it the whole time! We will do the swim lessons at some point, just not this summer.
The next 2 weeks will be busy, I am doing the VBS at our church again this year and I am in charge of the crafts, which I am very excited about. Then the following week I am attending "Sew Free Day Camp" where I hope to learn a little more about sewing. One of the Mom's from my Mom's group will also be going and her child is one I watch once a week, so I look forward to getting to know her more.
I think that is all... let me know if I forgot something!