Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm convinced she's genius...

Okay I know every parent is convinced their little one is a genius. This is my latest clue for Joy: This morning on our way to school were were listening to her songs on my ipod (I think it's my iPod but she has more music on it than me!). Anyway as we are going along it's between songs which usually elicits a "more" from the back seat (she signs and says it). This time instead of more I hear "climb climb" Huh? Why does that make her a genius, because the next song on the iPod was Climb Climb up Sunshine Mountain! Tell me she's not a genius for that!
In addition each week after church the volunteers in her class almost always without fail say how verbal she is. So I guess my constant blabbering to her has done some good.
Oh she is also into counting I think she has gotten to 6 on her own. When we play the ABC's on my computer ( she knows many of the animals and the sounds they make before they come up. She knows more animals than I can keep track of now. She can even distinguish between a fish and a whale.
So in conclusion my child is a genius, you can agree or not, but for me I say she is!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A conversation with Joy

After Joy got up from her afternoon nap this is the conversation:
Me: Hi Joy
Joy: Blanket
Me: No leave the blanket in the crib for night nights.
*noise from door shutting*
Me: The door made a noise
Joy: Mower
Me: Yes, mowers make noise.
Joy: Hat!
Me: *thinking* Yes, Daddy wears a hat when he mows.
Joy: Dada hat

See she's like me it may seem random but it's all logical going through her head!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm...

I was filling out one of those lovely little time wasters this afternoon on CafeMom. One of the questions was a standard which I usually just throw in the first thing that comes to mind. However, today, it made me go hmmm.... The question was, if you were a crayon what color would you be?
I am sure if you haven't already given up on this post because it has no pictures you are thinking I am as crazy as I know I am. However this question today really made me think and I had no answer!
What went through my head? Well I thought I do not want to be the color that the child uses to where their is no longer any crayon left, it would be a great life, but end too soon. I do not want to be the crayon that is left in the box all the time and never gets used either. I want a healthy amount of use but I don't want over use. What color would that be? I don't know what that color is, but that is what I want to be. Loved but not the spotlight or the forgotten one.
Crazy survey!
Oh and if I can ever get my husband off World of Warcraft I think I have some great Joy pictures to share.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Potty story...

So we bough Joy her potty a little while back. She enjoys sitting on it (closed and clothed) and taking it apart, and other curious things. Sometime last week or so she finally started sitting over the hole and not just on the edge. Then a couple days ago she finished her bath, and I went ahead took her towel off and hung it back up and naked Joy went to say hi to Dad in the office (within view of the bathroom and potty) she then started peeing, he and/or I surprised her saying stop or something to that effect and she did! So I said let's put your pee pee in the potty, so we went and she sat on the potty and went some more, but then I think we startled her again praising her for doing it on the potty so she stopped and got up walked 2 steps and finished on the bathroom rug. I just laughed, at least now we know she has control over her pee! Potty training may or may not start this summer!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Catch- Up

Okay so here is a little catch up on what has happened the past couple of weeks:

Trip to Dallas: My friend Nikki from college is moving back to New York since I don't know when I will ever get to see her again I arranged a weekend where we went to Dallas to meet with 2 other college friends and have a good time. We went March 28-30th. I got Joy ready and we left after work/school on Friday and picked up Nikki at her parents which is about half way to Dallas. Then we went on to Mary's house and basically just got to hang out together all weekend. It was nice to visit with Nikki, Mary and May. The toll that took on me traveling alone with Joy made me very tired by Sunday afternoon, but we survived and had a good time. Nothing huge to report but a good trip with no pictures because as always I forgot the camera when traveling alone (it's Rob's job to get camera equipment!)

The only news for during the week was on Friday I was walking through the hall by Joy's class and the teacher tells me that Joy didn't like her lunch so she gave her some of another child's. *Stunned look* I could not even say anything at that point. Then I go to pick her up and she had a poopy so I go in her room to change her (she was playing across the hall) and I notice what I am sure was the wipes I purchased for my child were in another child's container which I can only assume is communal. As this was the last straw for me that day I walked over to the office and promptly told the assistant director that if it were not for the fact that I am a teacher in this PDO I would have pulled Joy. I then told her of the above two things and we chatted for awhile. The unfortunate thing is that she's not the one who needed to hear it all. *sigh* I do have my final formal letter written to the director and the PDO board as why I will not return next year.

Then this weekend started Saturday morning with Joy feeling warm, I checked her, temp was a low 99. Hmm... maybe it's the teething? She seemed to be "normal" for how she has been the last 2 weeks. So not a second thought. Then my friend Jen calls and asks if we want to go to the San Jacinto Momument. I ask Rob sure we are up for it. Great when they get ready they will call and we will meet there. Good for me. Well that was around 9:30am. We finally get there around 12. Joy manages to be wonderful even though it's her lunch and nap time she does the Monument and then the battleship fairly well, we were impressed. Then we really test her by taking her out to lunch at a sit down restaurant. She not only sits nicely she eats! Wow! Finally we get home around 3:00 or so and put her down for the rest of the nap she started in the car. Exciting day right! Let's add my Dad coming into town.

So my Dad calls about 20 minutes into the nap and we decide he can come over that evening to play etc. Joy wakes from her late nap eats a small dinner and I get her excited that Paw Paw and Grand are coming. So excited that when they actually pull up she was running to the door to see who it was, then she saw and backpedaled as fast as she could! I scoop her up and go out and get my hug and say our hellos. Joy all evening sat in my lap across the room not even wanting to acknowledge their presence. This is typical, so I let her be who she is, I don't force people on her and let her warm up at her own pace... And warm up she did after Paw Paw and Grand leave and I am ready for bed I check on my darling as I do every night, she's warm. I check the temp, 101.3, so she gets some tylenol, and we go to bed.

Sunday my sister comes over to see our Dad. We talk we play we visit the motor home and then we go out to dinner. Joy is still not warming up to my Dad, and although she talks big about puppies she prefers them stuffed, on TV or at a distance. My Dad's dogs were a little intimidating for her when they came close, which is hard not to do in a motor home.

Monday we go to the park then meet my sister, Dad, Cherry and Rob for lunch at Jason's Deli. Joy seems more herself, but still not real warm with her Paw Paw and Grand. After lunch we all (minus Rob) pile in my car and head to Moody Garden's Aquarium. I chase Joy around the aquarium since I knew she would not want to stay in the stroller and with 4 adults we had plenty of eyes on her. She unfortunately still wanted nothing to do with the other 3 adults (even Aunt Vicki was getting shunned a little?) So she is attached to me, and we all have a good time, and manage not to buy any overpriced souvenirs.

Tuesday, the plan is I will go to work till noon, which is usual. I wake up with this intention, I go to get Joy and see green snot. Now I am not a believer in the snot rules for diagnosis (green = sick) but my PDO is so I call in and take another day off, and make an appointment at the doctor for her. I take her to the doctor and it's possibly viral, no signs or symptoms of anything else the blood work shows a high virus count. No meds, and no real answers. The rest of Tuesday is spent at home napping and well, I napped to. Tuesday evening Joy finally warmed up to my Dad and Cherry and then we had to say Goodbye! Sorry Dad! I will say she took twice as long as usual to warm up probably due to the unexplained illness. So for anyone who is wanting to come visit know, to get Joy to warm up it takes about 2-3 hours regularly, and 4-6 when she is feeling out of sorts.

Wednesday I went back to work Rob took a half day. Only reason I went was my kids went on a field trip. Joy got a new outfit for her Build A Bear "Baby Lybear" It's cure I will try and get a picture of her and the bear. Oh and for Rob she was fine, for me she was grumpy and moody! Even in her sleep she was crying so I checked on her she asked for milk. I go get it, she won't touch it, and asks for "night night and points to the crib. *sigh*

Okay I know this post is forever long, I will get some pictures up tomorrow if I can. For those of you who made it to the end of this I am impressed! I don't think I would have! Gold stars for you!

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See she is #1!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's been a week...

Well I have nothing to really say, but I thought it has been a week so an update might be nice. My Dad came into town on Saturday after an impromptu visit to the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship (pictures to come). Joy is very stranger shy, and not to call my Dad a stranger although he can be strange (hi Dad!). She has been very weary of him. In addition to this she has a slight fever (started at 99.2 and climbed to 101.2 and seems to be going back down). Today she did finally let him hold her, I was putting her to bed as he came over and so I went out to let her say goodnight to Paw Paw and she reached for him (anyone to save her from the night!) he held her for a little bit and put her to bed. I have learned something about me as a Mom, I am not a pushover when it's just me and Joy or just Rob and Joy and I. However you add company to the mix or she is in a strange situation I let her get away with more. I also let her get away with more when she doesn't feel well. She has a fever and we have company, she was spoiled this weekend! Yikes what will I have on my hands next week?!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I don't Wanna!

Okay I have a bad case of the I don't wanna's. It's not an uncommon disease in my life it creeps up every few days. Usually I hold it at bay and go ahead or a night out takes care of it and things get done the next couple of days. This case is bad! I don't want to cook, I don't want to eat, I don't want to do laundry, I don't want to unpack (had a great weekend though) I don't want to deal with the fussy toddler, I don't want to pay bills, I don't want well you get the point! I just don't want to if it is in need of being done right now I really don't want to do it. These are the times in my life where paying someone some amount of money which we don't have to do things like th laundry and cleaning the house really sounds good. Then I remind myself about the bills being paid which just makes that fantasy go away. So at this moment in my I don't wanna sickness I am avoiding the pile of paperwork that I need to go through to be sure their is not some major important bill that has slipped through my hands and gone unpaid this month. *sigh* okay I am convinced I will go do that, but I won't like it!
(Now who is the unhappy toddler!) Oh and Happy April Fools day, G I expect a blog about the joke I played on you and if you followed up with your mom!