Tuesday, September 11, 2007


SHE TOOK STEPS!!! My big girl!! She had me almost in tears today as I stood her up and she would walk to me then plop on her bottom and clap for herself! Now technically she took steps last week Daddy was holding her hands and she was going really good and Daddy let go and she took two steps before falling flat. These were momentum steps though, and she only did it once. Today she had no momentum she did it all on her own power!! I stood her up as far from me as I could reach and let go of her (she started the last couple days just standing or slowing sitting down) then I would scoot as far away as I could and see what she would do. About half the time she sat or would just stand there, then finally two steps!! I did it again and she did it again. Finally I decided I have to try and get this on video, so I got the camera out set it out and then pressed record. I stood her back up and she took many steps!!! I tried again to see if she could/would repeat it, but she was getting tired of my new game. I turned the video off put it where she could not get to it. Then tried again I stood her up and called her to me, she turned and walked towards some of her toys! My little girl can walk!!!! Now as soon as I learn how to get the video off the camera and onto the computer I will post it, until then just know she's cute and wobbly!!


Geneva said...

What a way to celebrate a soon-to-be birthday! That is so great! I'm picturing her just like you said - cute and wobbly. :)

Geneva said...

Joy is the happiest baby I have ever seen!!! That is just awesome. Really. I love it.

Beverly said...

OMG! Joy not only is walking but she even caught herself! She is so cute! Now you are going to have to be running after her! LOL!
Thanks for posting the video! Your blog is on my favorites so I can keep up with Joy since she is growing so fast!
Come see me!

Michelle said...

good job joy!! :)

Tracey & Christopher said...

Yea Joy!! I knew she would get it right before her 1st birthday!! She's so cute and happy. And good job Mommy and Daddy on capturing it for us to see :-)