Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me? I took a hiatus. Actually what happened was the computer desk got built, and in the process computer shuffling happened. That and I took Joy out of daycare cause I didn't love subbing and financially it wasn't working either, we lost money on that venture. So this year Joy is in a 2 day a week Mother's Day Out program on Tuesday and Thursday. This is much needed Mommy alone or with Daddy time. This also allows me to switch back and forth along our lovely new computer desk from the Mac to my computer. So here is a snippet of what life has been like the last 6 months.

This is one of two Easter cakes I made one for our Sunday school the other for
our family Easter day.
I let Joy dye eggs this year, I had her take off her clothes cause I would rather stain her than her clothing. I know how to get it off her!
A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go!
Her bounty at least some of it.
She and Daddy got Chocolate Bunnies
Simple Project: I always see bow hangers at craft shows and never can pay the crazy prices they ask, so I made my own and it's perfect for her future room. I am imagining pink for the future. I know it doesn't match Mickey, but she will eventually give up or grow out of Mickey (well at least the room).
Plenty of room for more bows (Santa?)

A little summer fun.

Our Icemaker no longer dispenses ice since Hurricane Ike, so every now and then a dumping of the ice is necessary, where better to dump it than in a water table on a hot day?

We visited the firestation with our Mom group this summer, this is Joy "driving" the firetruck. Watch out fire she is looking mad!

We renewed our Moody Garden's Membership instead of the zoo, trying to get a little diversity in our lives. This is a skull in the lobby there, I guess she is a booger?

A short tree frog.

A growth chart of penguins.

This is from earlier in the summer, I think she's grown a bit this summer what about you?

Our day trip to Brenham!

Daddy too!

Miniature horses or as Joy says "Joy sized"

Since the real horses are not trained for riding she rode the statue.

That brings us to today... The first day of MDO/Preschool/"school" for Joy.
Getting in the car.

Finding our cubby!

She's ready to go, Monkey backpack and lunch are in the cubby.

Sitting down at her spot.

Mommy I am ignoring you would you leave already!

So that has been our summer. We stayed at home all summer and enjoyed being just us. The "big" news in our family is Rob's job has cut his pay 10% and "given" him one day each pay period off. So I signed back up for subbing and will do my 1st job tomorrow. He will stay home when I work so we don't have to find a daycare or someone else to watch her. That's all folks! I will try and keep better updated, but who knows!

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