Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spaghetti even my husband likes!

One of the problems in our marriage is the food I like and the food my husband likes aren't the same. I am okay with veggies (although my mom wasn't great at feeding them to us because she doesn't love them) and I am okay with odd foods (Spam is yummy!). He likes things spicy and the fewer veggies the better. One of my favorites from childhood is my mother's spaghetti sauce. It's great and it's what I grew up with so I love it. The problem is it's very tomato heavy. This is not okay for my tomato hating hubby. So I make it he tolerates it and I have a week of leftovers. Sometimes this is great, sometimes this is not so great. Now for the Homemade Gourmet solution. When I got the Pantry Staples for myself I was excited about two (the two I already tried) and could go either way on the other two. The Homestyle Spaghetti Seasoning is one of the ones I wasn't sure of. I love my current recipe for Spaghetti sauce why mess with it? Well I will try for my husband this new recipe. So yesterday about 3 hours before dinner I know it's too late to do some chicken (not to mention we didn't have any). The dinner choice then becomes Spaghetti Sauce. I decide to try the new seasoning for dinner tonight, worse case I don't like it and I eat plain spaghetti it would not be a first. I read the recipe 15oz tomato sauce 6oz paste and 2 cups of water with some of the Homestyle Spaghetti Seasoning. Easy dumped it all in the slow cooker (too early for the stove and although it says 4 hours I know it will not hurt us to eat it in 3). I did ask my husband if he needed meat in the sauce and he did so a run to the store was in order. The sauce cooked up easily and about 5:00 I cooked the ground meat, threw some water on to boil. I added the cooked meat to the crock pot and when the pasta was ready made some garlic bread (butter, garlic powder and bread) then we ate. The result a husband happy with the spaghetti sauce! My personal opinion it's not my mom's but nothing ever lives up to mom's! My daughter also was not a fan, but she eats the plain pasta so that's okay!
On another note Monday I received my free Homemade Gourmet cooler for having $1000 in sales my first month!! Thanks to my customers! I can't wait to show it off at an Open house this Saturday. If you are in the Houston Area I would love to see you there!

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