Monday, June 11, 2007

A week of milestones!!

Okay so last week on Monday she pulled up (see previous post). Then on Wednesday she decided to crawl! I got a little video of it and we are currently working on getting that video and the video of her pulling up on here for everyone be patient Rob's in charge of this.
Since Wednesday she really hasn't crawled any further than where she would roll last week and occasionally she reverts to the rolling because it's what she is better at. I will keep nagging Rob for the video.
This weekend Joy went to the zoo for the first time and we went ahead and got a year pass for me which means I can go anytime free with one guest (anyone can come) Joy is free since she's under 2, let me know if you are interested in going with us!

Joy liked watching all the people oh and the animals too!
Baby Mac and his Mommy! Mac is actually about half a month younger than Joy!

Wow! What's that creature?
Mommy & Joy on the Merry go round riding the Okapi
(a strange Zebra Giraffe mixed animal, it's real we saw one!)

Last but not least tonight at dinner we were at a local BBQ place (which we love) and I didn't have any spoon foods for Joy so we were just giving her puffs and cheerios like usual, to entertain her she plays with them on the table and occasionally we would spoon feed her one (yes spoon feed her a puff it works!) Well recently she had been trying to self feed these but with little to no success, then tonight we are watching her and talking and we notice that she not only has it in her mouth, but she has managed to get her hand out without the puff stuck to it!! YEAH Joy!!
So in review since last Monday she pulled up, crawled, went to the zoo and fed herself!! Wow what a week!

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Geneva said...

I would go to the zoo with you guys if I could!
I am always so excited when I log onto your blog and there is a Joy update... and this one was a whopper.
Love, G