Thursday, July 5, 2007

Crawling, Cruising and July 4th

Joy has become an expert crawler. Because of this we are trying to get out of the house more, so that she has things to do and I don't go crazy. I got Rob and I Moody Garden's Membership which we have already used twice, and love! We also got a zoo membership which we have used once. I hope to go again soon, just want someone to go with us. More local and less extravagant we have rediscovered the library Book Babies time where we can go and sing any M-Th at 10:15 (which is often right during our nap which is why we can't make it all the time!) We also discovered a play placed called Monkey'n Around, which was allot of fun. I took Joy after lunch with Dad other day and she enjoyed crawling all around exploring the different toys. She was a hit with the owners child too! The owners daughter kept wanting to find the baby and when I fed Joy her bottle she wanted to sit right beside us! I enjoyed it and look forward to going back (until Joy is 11 months she is free).
Joy has also mastered the art of cruisin'. She really likes the long bench/window seat in the kitchen. She will crawl to the far end and then cruise her way back to the living room. Sometimes she gets stopped, but most of the time she makes it all the way! She also will cruise around the coffee table, and across the Entertainment center. If she wants to she will get there!
Our Fourth of July was a long day, but Joy had a good time. My mom and Grandmother along with my sister came over and Rob grilled us hamburgers in the rain and flood of our backyard (what a wonderful man). My mom then helped with the seat cushions we (she) is making for the bench seat in the kitchen. Joy played around with everyone. Grandmother even brought a special handkerchief to play peek a boo with Joy. Joy still is unsure what to go with her Great Grandmother.
My sister and I love fireworks so we wanted to go see some, we knew Joy might not like it, but the plan was go park somewhere and just leave her in the car while we sit on the hood or something. Anyway we found what is said to be a great place to see Kemah Fireworks, and settled in. We got there around 8:30. We found out around 9:00 that the fireworks start around 9:30. Well Joy began to get fussy around 9:15, so we left and came home no fireworks. Well I say no fireworks, however they are legal in my neighborhood so we got to see some through the trees in our neighborhood, also we saw some on the drive home, but we did not get to see a whole show of fireworks. Oh well, maybe another year.

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Tracey & Christopher said...

Joy is so cute. Love the updates! We'll have to go to the zoo with you since Emilia's never been.