Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Summer

Summer is still happening and we are still having a grand time. Joy is getting use to her new pool and playing in the 4 inches of water there. Today we had a big adventure to a friend's house for a pool party. First Joy played with the little swing and slide, then moved to the water table. Finally she was brave enough for the kiddie pool (which was very cute with an elephant face on it). Then as others were in the big pool we decided it would be okay to check it out. First I got in and just chased her around from inside the pool as she played with things outside the pool. She finally let me get her in the pool and hold her. We were even able to use our floaty device from last year. In all she did a great job, she napped extra long, but I believe I hear her now so the blog over :) Maybe some more summer pictures including our newest hairstyle will come soon.


G said...

Would love to see the photos! Things are good here - we have been looking for a new place, but it's such exhausting work. I need a break from it for awhile. I also feel sad to leave our current place because I like it a lot. So, we'll see. We are going to Mexico soon for a week, and that's teh big thing we're looking forward to. And we'll be in Houston for Christmas.
Love you guys!

G said...

Anything new happening with you guys? Summer is almost over; it's going fast!