Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Things She Does...

Joy does many cute things, I can't always remember them all when I sit here to type. I am going to try to at least get some tonight...
Conversations we have had:
Joy: I luv it!
Me: You love what?
Joy: I luv school bus (you can replace school bus with just about anything she has seen or heard in the past couple of weeks, she luvs everything!)

Another Conversation:
Me: Joy, do you have an opinion on what you want to eat for lunch?
Joy: Hmmm *serious thinking look on her face* Quesadilla

Her vocabulary has increased exponentially this summer which if you had heard her talk before it's amazing really. She is talking to her animals sometimes if I catch her I just smile cause she sounds just like me! She will answer questions when you ask. She can sing her ABC's most of the way through most of the time, and count to 10 when she feels like it. People do a double take with her size still being a little on the small size and her vocabulary so big. Tonight at a friend's party she was playing and another baby came beside her and Joy was telling the Mom she was bouncing and the Mom looked at her and said "Wow I didn't expect her to talk so well" Her son is 14mo old, and from the looks of things just learning walking.

This past couple of weeks she has really gotten braver than ever, although she is still my quiet reserved girl. Last Friday at a friends she actually petted the puppies and the kitty! She was also telling the kitty who was sitting on the couch to go home, we tried to tell her it was the kitty's home, and she was the one out of place! That same day she went swimming. Up to that point swimming meant getting her feet wet and screaming or just being very nervous if she got water past her knees. Well at Tracey's house she about jumped in the water! It was great, but I had to have both eyes on her at all times! She got out of the pool and went to the hot tub and "got in" on her own, luckily she hit the step just right and only got a small mouth of water, and didn't freak out at least not as much as I did! Then tonight at the party, she was not her usual shy self. She started out that way, but then made friends with the girl who was working in the room with the party. She was crawling on her and talking to her! I was amazed! She also had a great time with Mary's crew (Mary's boys, her nieces, her cousin's child and 2 more adults Renee and Tia) she was talking and playing with the girls like she has known them forever!

The other big event of the summer has been her introduction to and trying out of the potty. She started the summer only being interested on occasion. Then we had the 3 kids over 2 of which are actively potty training, and she sees Mom give them attention for going, and they get to wash their hands when they go (a reward in her books). So she is trying it out more. Tonight she was getting ready for bed and I was about to put a fresh diaper on, and asked if she wanted to go potty, she jumped (literally) at the chance and ran to the potty. She sat for a little bit, and said she went poopy. Now she has said this many times, so I said you went pp? She said yes, and I told her to come get her diaper (I was in the living room). Then Daddy went to check the potty, and announced she had pooped on the potty! Yeah Joy!! This is the milestone I needed to really think about the potty training. I am done with the other kids in 2 weeks, so maybe we will try it out in 3 weeks? If things keep going in a positive direction, no promises!

My other news is we registered Joy for "school" in the fall at a local daycare. She will go 3 days a week while I substitute teach in the school system. I was hoping to get into an August training, but didn't get an email on Friday, which would indicate I got in. I am going to wait and see if something comes on Monday and if not, then I will call and see what I need to do. In some ways I am unsure of the substitute thing, but I also know I don't want to be away from Joy full time, and it will let me know allot about the schools in the area. It's not bad money either. So I begin my adventure hopefully sooner than later!

For those of you wanting pictures tell Rob, he has on monitor and 2 computers so I have to move the cord to get to the mac which has the pictures, and well he's on the computer every night! Sorry maybe someday I will get more up here!


Scooter said...

I watched her through the window at church on sunday and she looked like she was talking pretty will with Linda. I am glad that she is doing so well and it is started to sound like she is a step ahead of the game. You have a wonderfully smart baby. Hopefully we will have some stories like these to tell.

Electric Monk said...

Ain't nothing wrong with a good quesadilla.

Donna said...

Nothing wrong with a quesadilla, I agree. However yesterday for lunch she told me she wanted a quesadilla again and I even tried bribing her with nuggets and ice cream but the quesadilla won.

G said...

Mmm, quesadilla! I luv it! She is one smart little girl!

G said...

What's new there? Tell Rob the masses demand photos!