Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Girl!

The Big Girl Bed #1 (crib without side rail)

Mommy say night night to very excited big girl.

Night Night
(this is how we left her)

This is how I found her a couple hours later

This is how I found her in the morning

Notice not only is she on the floor but so is her pillow, blankie and puppy

Talking on one of her phones

Conversation over.

Double checking last years halloween dress still fits, it does and you will be seeing it again with ears this time (we hope)

Posing for the camera

Look Daddy, I'm wearing the ears!

So that basically tells the last few days. Things are going well. She is in her big girl bed and loves it. The first day (we tried it at nap before all night) Rob told her when he got her up from nap she could get up on her own. I think that is what happened that night she got up on her own, and then found the door blocked by the baby gate. She could not get up onto the bed so she went ahead and fell back asleep on the floor. She has not gotten out on her own since then until we come in the room. Last night I put the bathroom step stool in front of the bed and that made her very happy to easily climb in and out on her own. I think today I will be purchasing another step stool for her room.
School is going... I can't say well because she has not adjusted yet and neither have I. I am giving it another day or two before I make a rash decision but we may be changing plans this year.


G said...

I really love all these photos, especially the one where you found her camped out on the floor. And the ponies are adorable! Her hair is so pretty and blonde.
Hard to believe she already has a big girl bed. Tell her to stop growing already! :)
Sending lots of love to you guys...

Scooter said...

She sure is growing up.

Amy said...

I love the picture story of the big girl bed! So funny!