Sunday, October 26, 2008

0 to 2...

So it finally happened I got jobs! Yes I wrote that and you read it right jobs. I am now both an employee of Toys R Us across from BayBrook Mall and CCISD. Well the CCISD will be official this coming Tuesday. I am not crazy and we are not broke, we are being proactive and trying to avoid being broke or going crazy. I started Joy in her daycare in September thinking I would already be subbing then. Well 2 months later I am going to start. In addition that little storm named IKE hit and between the extra eating out and the future new roofing and fences we are trying to not go into more debt. Then this little holiday called Christmas is coming. I am a giver and love presents so it's hard to budget for them when really I know when I find something for someone and it's just right that's what they get. My Mom's Love Language is gifts, I try hard to speak her language (although I don't always quite get it right). So really the 2 jobs are to breakeven and not be in debt. I started my first real shift on Friday and it was rough on my feet, but a new pair of shoes which I needed anyway should help that. The subbing will start next Thursday not sure if I will attempt a sub job on Halloween?!? So that's it, that's my insanity of the moment.

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