Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is it over?

Well, I have failed in posting anything for over a month, but if you know what my month was like you will extend forgiveness. It was a month filled with work, work and more work. I worked at Toys R Us up to 2 days before Christmas. Am I done? I wasn't on the schedule last week and no one has called complaining I am not there this week so yes? Do I miss it yes, it's like someone hit the breaks on me going 100 miles an hour but forgot to tell me. Would I do it again, probably, it depends on the circumstances of the next couple of years. It paid for all of Christmas and we paid off the credit card and half the roof. The other half is going on credit, but should be taken care of in 2 months or less (we hope). We are trying to do things the Dave Ramsey way. No debt! We have been trying on and off for over a year to do this, various things happen and mess us up (IKE!) but this year we are trying again. Also happening this year is I am going back to WW. I have wanted to for awhile, and just not figured out the way or time to do it. Well Joy goes to "school" 3 days a week, if I can take Tuesdays for myself to go to WW, clean house (don't laugh too hard) and do other errands, then the other 2 days I will sub. If I need to then I can easily work on the Tuesday also and go to the 6:00pm meeting instead of the 9:30 meeting. For now this is the plan.
Well I know what you really want is pictures from Christmas so here are a couple, and the rest (as usual) are still on the Mac and I will try to get Rob to leave the Mac up again tomorrow so I can indulge you all.

My present from my hubby, singstar for the Playstation 2. Let me know when you want to come over and embarrass yourself! I am ready to challenge you!

My Joy, my Tink! She got this from her Paw Paw and wore it most of the day (over her clothes of course!) She loves it and don't even think of taking off the wings or adding the wig!


TG said...

whew! i know you are relieved. congrats on all your efforts to pay down debt. i'm impressed with all you were able to do with your additional income. relax and enjoy a little break with one less thing on your list!

G said...

That is awesome how much you were able to accomplish - congrats! Loving the pic of Joy!