Saturday, November 22, 2008

Potty Training...

So we started Monday 2 weeks ago with underwear anytime we are awake. We have done well, she will go to the potty even on big potties if she has to while out. That was my biggest worry and we sometimes still go places and she sees the potty and decides to wait longer. She doesn't like big potties and really doesn't like loud flushes. Last week we had a minimum of one accident a day. The weekend was back in a diaper because we went to the Renaissance Festival and well I was just being lazy Sunday cause I was home alone with her (and unsure how she would do at church). So Monday back in underwear and one accident. Tuesday dry all day. Wednesday dry all day. Thursday 2 accidents one during nap (teacher forgot naptime diaper) and one while drinking at snack. Friday no accidents. Saturday no accidents. YEAH JOY!!!! I am very proud of her and interested to see if the "training" is mostly done or if we are going one step forward 2 back. I am keeping my finger crossed and praying that we are mostly done!

Other news...
The job at Toys R Us is what I wanted, it keeps me busy and it has paid for Joy's Christmas presents, and is on it's way to pay for the rest of Christmas. Then we will have to pay for Ike. We still need a roofer to do our roof, but I am in no hurry even though we already have the money from insurance. I am hoping that in the end the Toys R Us job will get the credit card fully paid off and all the Ike stuff taken care of, then we can be where we were financially before Ike and Christmas.
Subbing, is not too bad. So far I have subbed at 2 schools in 3 classrooms for 5 days total. The first day subbing I was in a Kindergarten and the other teachers in K who are all around me, said I did a great job and one asked for me to come for her on Tuesday the next week. I did then a 3rd K teacher asked if I could sub for her on Friday, I said sure. On Wednesday the Principal of that school called said the Friday job was canceled, but the teacher I 1st subbed for needed a sub Thursday and Friday, so I was there for 2 days. I loved it. The kids did very well for me, and according to the other teachers and the para in the room I had better control than the regular teacher. I was glad to know they were happy with me. I enjoyed the kids too, they were very sweet. The other day in the other school was 3rd grade, which was also a good experience, I enjoyed that school and classroom also.
I think that is all I still owe you all pictures, but I just haven't gotten there. I started to get them off the camera one day and it froze up, not sure if Rob finished for me or not? If you really want pictures bug me and I will get them up. If you stay quiet I forget in my busyness.

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