Friday, March 6, 2009

Livestock Show and Rodeo

Well it's that time of year again! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I took Joy last year with a friend and she liked it, although still kinda young and didn't fully understand everything. This year she had allot more fun and enjoyed a little more, and we had more to do! On a side note the picture uploading for blogger is very frustrating to me at times, and I forget this and don't load the pictures in the right order so sorry, but these aren't in any great order, but I did group them in like pictures. Enjoy...

Cowgirl Joy, I bought this outfit when I went back to the Rodeo Wednesday night to see Alan Jackson. We went today to get the boots from Cavenders!
You could say Joy was a reluctant model for the pictures, no smile, but she loves her new outfit and boots even if it doesn't show!

One of her favorite things at the rodeo was sitting in/on the big tractors! I made her cry when I got her off both times!

Hmm what does this switch do?
Big Tractor!

The one thing I promised her about the rodeo and she would tell you anytime you asked was she was going to get to ride a pony at the rodeo! So here she is on her pony ride (only one at $6 a ride!)

Waiting in line for the new farmer experience for kids!

Sitting on the hay was the most exciting thing!
More Hay sitting

We have our basket and we are ready to be farmers.

Joy wanted to go see the pigs, but some schools were there and not real friendly/good about being in line or letting you back in so I just took a picture from afar. The look there is come on Mom.
Feeding the chickens

Waiting in line with the apron on.

Baby piglets at the birthing center.

Beauregard Elsie's son. (If you don't know Elsie she's the Borden cow if you don't know Borden you're not a Texan)

A cow eating hay.

Miss Moo and Howdy dancing.

Joy shaking Miss Moo's hand, I had to tell her to let go!

Miss Moo and Howdy saying hello to eachother.

Joy would not see Howdy by herself so here we are together with Howdy.

Howdy The Houston Livestock show and Rodeo bowlegged H.

That is our pictorial of the day and our new cowgirl outfit. I think Joy is a proper Texan now and has something I don't think I ever had, a pair of cowboy boots. Liz and I are going to take care of that detail later this week/month with our own trip to Cavenders or somewhere else to get some boots of our own!

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G said...

Ok, two things. One, the pictures of Joy "driving" the tractor REALLY remind me of you driving the barge. And two, you're getting boots?!?! Have you gone all country on me?