Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Tacos are a staple in our house. Over the years I have done various things to season them. I have used different packets, my mom just uses Chili Powder. Mostly I bought the individual packets or when I find it a large container of the seasoning. Last night I was at a loss on what to cook, so I decided tacos, it had been awhile, and although it was 30 minutes from dinner and no meat was defrosted I decided I could do this. I have a packet of seasoning, but since I was looking through my recipe cards I decided to try the Taco Soup Seasoned Meat for our tacos. Once my meat thawed I cooked the meet with the seasoning, unlike packets where you drown the meat in water and seasoning at the end. The taste is not that bold taco flavor, so personally it was just okay. My husband also liked it as a good change of pace. My daughter (super picky eater who it takes much encouragement to eat a taco) ate her taco in a quarter of her usual time. She didn't even freak out when the shell broke (that usually ads 5 minutes to the taco eating time!) So another win for Homemade Gourmet! Bonus if you order now Taco Soup Seasoning is on sale!!

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