Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a party!!

So I had my first party Thursday night. I know a little slow getting started, I'm not a great salesman and not pushy at all! So This is my first party, and overall I would say it went well. My hostess cooked the host pack of Garlic Lemon Chicken, Taco Soup Dip, and Mini Pecan Pie Muffins. I didn't taste anything, but I heard rave reviews. I try and not taste something unless I know we have more than enough to go around I would rather the guest get to taste it than me. Plus I am fairly confident a guest won't ask if I have had something if it was on the menu that night! I can always refer to the hostess for questions on cooking those items too.
Are you familiar with a Homemade gourmet home show? If not let me do a run down! (If you are skip this paragraph!) The host is in charge of making the food for the party. This gives the host a chance to sample cooking the products and know how easy it is to do! This also saves me from being the only one who has cooked anything HG. The show itself can or does have 2 components if you so choose i can do 4 meals in 4 minutes for the hostess. I provide a shopping list and then at the party I do the prep for 4 meals in about 4 minutes. Since I am talking through this it might be a little longer, but you get the idea of how quick and easy these meals are to make! The other part of the party is typical of most home parties where someone is trying to sell you something, we talk and talk and talk about the product, my job and how you can learn more and get more! Then we end. My order form is super simple so anyone can fill it out! You list your product (by name please) and then how many and the price then add it all up add 10% for shipping and you are done! NO TAX!! No odd numbers to add up, I love it!!
So my first party hostess earned 2 meals (it was a January special) the leftovers from her party (which I don't believe she had any because she had a large group), 10% of her sales which at this time is a little over $40. A chance to purchase our host special dishes, and a chance to get 35% off this month's HG Preferred dinner meals, and since her sales are over $400 another item at 35% off! I would say she did a great job for one night and all she had to do was cook a couple things and clean her house! I even lent her my steam mop! (She wanted to try it out).
Are you interested in hosting a show if so let me know I live just south of Houston but will go anywhere in about a one hour radius!

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