Friday, August 10, 2012

Not so good at this...

If you haven't noticed I am not so good at this. It's something I want to do and want to be good at, but in reality it just isn't a priority for me to blog.
That being said I do want to have a record of things in my life and this seems like a good medium. The downfall is it's a public medium so as many will tell you don't publish anything private. So that is where I am today in this in between of wanting to share something happening in my life and keeping it a private matter. It's not something that is solely about me (that I have no problem publishing). It is about someone I love. I want to tell the world what is going on so that I could possibly get some help or support. Then I think I don't want this person to be embarrassed over my sharing her information.
That is where I am today. I can't say more, but I want to shout it out so I can have support! Just pray this will all turn out in a way that I can deal with.

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