Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Life is a funny thing, you can make great plans, but rarely do they all come through as perfectly as they are made.
I planned on having a second child when my 1st was 3. I planned on going back to teaching in the public school when both kids were beyond 1st grade. I planned.....
My plans are nothing.

You can call it what you like, but I say it's God's plans that matter. God planned for me to have one child. God planned for me to fall in love with homechooling. God planned for everything to happen as it is happening. If I can praise God for the God why can't I believe he also has a hand in the bad, or what I perceive as bad.

Bad things happen because we live in a fallen world. I am not saying that God wants bad things to happen to people. Let's put it in terms parents will understand...

Your child has been told 100 times not to rock the 4 legged chair. Your child is again rocking the 4 legged chair. You see the child is about to fall, but unlike the other 100 times, you decide to just watch. Their is a big pillow under the chair today, it's not going to fall far, but it will fall enough and possibly hurt enough to startle your child into understanding why you say don't rock the4 legged chair. The chair falls. The child cries. You comfort the child, and love on the child, but also admonish the child. I told you not to do that, do you understand now why I ask you not to? Hopefully your child is a quick learner. Maybe they aren't, but you allowed the pain to hopefully learn a lesson.

God doesn't like seeing His children injured. He doesn't like seeing us in pain, but he sees the bigger picture of what that can mean for us in the future. His Plan, not mine.

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