Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Week of VBS...

This week as I stated before was VBS week. I had a good time doing the crafts with my friend Michelle. I was a little disappointed with Joy's class. The preschool VBS director thought she could do it after asking and getting turned down by multiple people she quit asking and decided that she would do the Toddler class. Well on Monday she tried for a little bit then between the other kids not staying in the wagon when she got stopped (Joy stayed in, she loves the wagon at church) and getting pulled in 100 different directions she finally found some reluctant volunteers. I don't remember if it started Tuesday or Wednesday morning, but as we were driving to church when we got to where she could see it or if I told her where we were going she would start no church no church. This broke my heart. This also frustrated me. I am volunteering at the VBS something I love to do and is simple for me to do the only thing I need is someone to care for my child. I was asking and wanting her to have a curriculum this year, and I understand not everyone is great with toddlers, but in the whole church no one would do it? Anyway by the end of the week she was okay with the situation and we are done with that for now. Next week is a free sew camp at church and I have arranged a teen to take care of Joy and one other child. I am going to do my home care on Tuesday, and be at the church the rest of the week. I will let you know how the sewing goes later!

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