Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She didn't cry!

Today is Joy's first day of school, well daycare/school. This morning I walked my excited but somewhat reluctant child into the school and we sat together in her room meeting her friends and talking to her teachers (Ms. Lori and Ms. Faye). She looked a little stunned and was sitting in my lap for awhile. The teachers got some links down, but that did not interest Joy. Then she saw the bus! Yes, a school bus, our current fascination. She got very excited took it off the shelf, looked at me and said "up" indicating she wanted a little person to go up the steps, so I asked if she saw any people, and one of the teachers very graciously got up and found some for her. She then had a handful of people and a school bus. I had told her a couple minutes before this Mommy would be leaving in a minute (I was prepared for a sad farewell). She however was very into and excited about the new school bus, so seeing this was the moment to flee I did. I told her I was leaving she said okay gave me hugs and kisses and I walked out. No tears, no looking back at me forlornly, just see you later.
Now what? Well the original plan was I would be subbing in CCISD. However, the lack of returned references delayed this until next month. So until September 25th I have Mommy time. I have grand plans for this time. Today it included a bath (check) and updating the blog (check). Next I tackle the house and Christmas presents. I started a little while ago on some Family gifts, and I will be finishing those and making more. Since Rob and I are trying hard to budget and be debt free (Dave Ramsey type plan) I am attempting a more crafty Christmas than purchased one. I will still give a few purchased gifts, but most will be handy crafty creations from me or Joy. The house, well I need to do a through cleaning, dejunking and organizing. My craft room is project #1. So off I go to finish getting re-dressed for the day and begin the organizing and dejunking of the house. Oh and Rob, it will get worse before it gets better but it will be wonderful when finished!
Pictures of Joy from the summer will happen as soon as I get to that on my list (it's a mental list so it might be awhile!)


G said...

When was the last time you had "Mommy Time?" I'm excited for you!! You deserve it! I hope there were bubbles in that bath.

Tracey said...

Yea! You're back :-) I'm glad Joy had a good 1st day!!

Scooter said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and I think you deserved it.