Friday, January 6, 2012

Trying again?

If you didn't know I started a second blog about our homeschooling adventure. It's at Homeschooling1 hop on over if you are interested in that adventure.
I can't say I am great at blogging anywhere, but I am working on all the things in my life I feel like I don't do well. This includes blogging. It's something I like, it's something I admire when others do it well, and it's something I would like to say I do. So I am starting over (again). I don't know what this will mean. I don't have a vision for this blog, it's more of our family life share blog so here it is back up and running. I am sure you are all dying to see pictures of Joy so here you go her 5 year pictures by an amazing photographer Rosie. She is in the League City area, but her prices are great and she is a military wife and I like to support our military however I can.

 Above is the photo that is now a canvas and hangs above the piano! I love it, it's a natural smile with a carefree fun pose. Below is my favorite "Mickey" picture this year. If you don't know we take a picture with big Mickey each year as a record of Joy's growth through the years.

We will see if the blog continues or dies out again next week!

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