Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snacks and appetizers for 3

One of my favorite blog reads is when the 4 Moms and 35 kids team up and I get 4 opinions on one subject. The problem is they have 35 kids between 4 moms. I have one. So sometimes the advice is great for me, what applies for a crown should apply to one on occasion. Other times I enjoy the read and go on. Today they are doing a linky which means I get to participate. So to follow their rules I am linking to their site(s).
Raising Olives is talking about hot wings
Smockity is talking popcorn
Life in a shoe is talking Bacon wrapped jalapenos which she says aren't too spicy, but I would challenge that since I have 0 spice tolerance!
The Common Room has some uncommon Nachos

I would like to say I have some great snack ideas, but really we are bad eaters and snacks are the easy go to things in the pantry or fridge that have no purpose in cooking. This includes chips, cheese balls, yogurt, and a random assortment of bagged items. Currently in the pantry are some pretzel shaped graham crackers, tortilla chips, fruit chews, dried cranberries and who knows what that has been forgotten way too long. In the fridge is my daughter's yogurt enough juice to float a cruise ship, and various kinds of individual cheese snacks.

The new dilema in snacking at our house is my discovery of my body's dislike of dairy. So my favorite lower fat go to snacks are out. The replacement has been fruit! I am in the middle of a weight loss journey and this is my new love. An apple a day or every 2-3 days is helping me stay away from the high fat snacks. In addition we got a popcorn popper from my sister for Christmas. It's still a learning curve on how to get the flavor to the popcorn, but so far I am enjoying what I create when it is not burnt.

So a recipe for a snack? Go to the store find one thing for each family member that requires no prep or work on your part put it in the pantry and call it snack food. I understand for the large families might have to limit the choices to 5 or less. I do limit the large open bags to 2 in our family. It's what we do, how about you? What are your favorite snack foods? 

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