Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Day

Wow it is nice to just have a relaxing day today. By relaxing I mean we had no where we *had* to be. We did go to the Mommy & Me at the hospital and then to lunch with that group. We then went to the grocery store where Joy was able to sleep through most of that trip. Rob will be glad to know we again have food in our home. (It was getting pretty scarce)
We are now at home and Joy is taking a nap in her bed. She has had a decent day she woke up about 7:30 and had some milkies (our name for breast milk) then she played and we tried to have some peaches mixed with rice cereal. It was not a hit, but I got a couple spoonfuls in her. We also tried the syringe feeding thing. That was definitely not a hit this morning! Before I actually squeezed it in her mouth she liked this new thing, but as soon as it produced the formula she screamed. The first time we tried was in the high chair. We then tried later as she was done having her milkies she was laying on the floor and playing when I tried again. Still not too happy with this. I am determined for something to work though so we will see the doctor is going to call on Monday to see how this is going.
This afternoon I decided it can't hurt to try and feed her again while she is in a good mood, about an hour after she had milkies and we aren't doing anything else. So I decided let me put the sippy lid on the bottle I mixed formula in, and see how she likes that. She loves to chew on the sippy cup but hasn't figured out how or why something sometimes comes out. She has gotten better about swallowing whatever it is that comes out so their is hope here. She didn't seem to mind that it was a new taste int he sippy cup so I will continue this "trick" instead of the syringe which she hated. She also had some more applesauce which she was not happy about, but I got about a tablespoon worth of food in her. She seems to be better at refusing the spoon fed foods, but I am determined. Pray for us as we try our hardest to get her to gain weight.

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Michelle said...

Have you tried feeding her when she is asleep? I used to "dream feed" emily right before I went to bed. She never woke up, just realized my breast was near her mouth and opened up. Maybe you can stick a bottle in her mouth when she's sleeping. Worth a try!!