Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Family

The Lybarger family is small we are made of 3 at this time. Joy our precious baby girl, Rob the wonderful Dad and husband, and me a stay at home Mom who is busier than I ever imagined I could be.
Joy is soon to be 6 months old (Monday the 19th) and has been a healthy happy baby most of her life. She is currently mastering the art of sitting up. She is also become a talker recently and will tell you stories all day long if you will listen (and sometimes if you won't). If anyone knows baby and can decipher her chatter please contact me. She is also grabbing at objects more and more, and when out of her seat in restaurants she is grabbing for everything! She really likes hot plates, and knives. She is also very fond of whatever you are drinking. This could be anything, but I have started to allow her to drink the water that I try to drink plenty of.
Joy is having one problem and that is she is having difficulty gaining weight. This has caused me great stress as I want my baby to be perfect. We started solids at 5 months when she had only gained 5oz in about 20 days. We went back to the doctor 3 weeks later because she is not really interested in the solids and she had lost an ounce. I know an ounce is the difference in a clean or dirty diaper, but still she should not have lost weight or stayed the same weight in 3 weeks time! So I was referred to a lactation consultant and rented a pump. I was to pump for 24 hours then let the doctor know what I got. I got nothing! She apparently is getting all the milk their is to have. So the next step is now to give her an ounce of formula after each feeding. Have I mentioned she won't take a bottle? We have started trying a sippy cup with some water in it, but it mainly ends up on her not in her. She does enjoy it though so that is good news. The doctor recommended a syringe for feeding Joy. So we will begin that tomorrow. I will let you know how that goes.

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