Friday, March 30, 2007

Bottle Battle

Okay so it has been decided Joy must take a bottle. So this weekend we are going to make her take the bottle. She will starve until she eats from the bottle.
Friday Night:
Sounds like right now Daddy is working on getting her to take a bottle of freshly pumped milk. The bottle I know will be one struggle and formula vs. milk another. I am going to continue to pump all weekend and give her milk in addition to some formula. I don't really know what will happen all I know is we are prepared for a horrible long weekend of fussy Joy.
It sounds like she has calmed down a little at the moment. I guess hunger has already gotten the best of her, she likes the nipple, or knowing it's milk and not formula is okay. She and Daddy are quiet right now, so maybe this is working? I am staying out until I hear an all clear from Daddy.
It's working she has only had the bottle since last night (including her nighttime feeding). I am amazed how easily it has worked. She has had mainly breast milk from the bottle but we have also mixed in some formula to the milk. It started as I was adding the formula just for taste, but since I am only able to pump about 3oz total every 3 hours and a 6 month old (I was told) should be eating 4-6oz I have started adding about an ounce of mixed formula to the milk.
My new worry, she isn't eating very much. I know it's there so it's not a supply issue (she will eat 1-2oz each feeding). I don't know if it is a taste thing since we are adding the formula (she has outright refused a formula only bottle). It could also be that is all she wants to eat. Anyway I know we will be on the phone with the doctor on Monday morning.
Unless something else major develops I declare the bottle battle won by Daddy! (I haven't even tried to give her the bottle). Yeah Daddy!!

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