Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy Surgery...

Christmas was great! Joy was getting into the excitement and enjoyed getting presents. By the end of the day all you had to say was Joy present and she would come running ready to open. I will get some pictures up as soon as I can get Rob on that (next year sometime!).
Surgery went well as far as I can tell. I went in with Rob around 9:15 and did my paperwork and pre-op stuff (the nurse was sure to tell me I am not pregnant) and then Rob got to come and sit with me while we waited for the doctor to show up. The surgery was scheduled for 10:30 and last I heard it was about 10:35 and the doctor was there not long after that. So I went into the operating room fully awake and then I moved to the table and I remember seeing a syringe putting something in the IV line, but then next thing I remember was waking up. Apparently I was smiling allot when I woke up and I chatted with the nice nurse who was there in the recovery room. She gave me lots of water (which I later learned was a bad idea). I was doing very well and so she said she would go tell Rob I should be ready to go in about 15 minutes. Well then she sat me up, and nausea set in. She laid me back down for another 5 minutes then I sat back up finished getting dressed and then she moved me to a "recliner" next to the bed I was in. She then went to get Rob because it had been about 30 minutes to the original 15 he was told about. He sat there with me for awhile, and I apparently was looking very tired (I might have dosed off again) and another nurse asked if I was ready to go home. I went with a yes on that. So the nurse and Rob loaded me into the car (not hard as I literally walked from the wheelchair to the car about 5ft). Then we took off toward home. Now I failed to mention to the nurse and Rob that I still had some nausea, and not even to the corner I managed to get all that water Sprite and a cracker they had given me back up. Then I felt much better! We made it home, luckily Joy was sleeping so I didn't have to worry about her seeing me and wanting to play. Vicki stayed with me while Rob and Marty went to get me some lunch. I ate and slept the rest of the day. Thursday morning I woke up in pain!! I managed to get up and to the couch, but no further. I pretty much stayed there all day. Not sure now why it was so painful, but it was painful! I took my medicine every 4 hours and made it through the day. After Joy went to bed I started to try and clean up some of the Christmas mess that we brought home after Christmas at my Mom's. I did real good I got things into piles all in the middle of the floor and then I could do no more. So the piles stayed. This morning I managed to get the piles out of Joy's way (at least the ones that needed to be) and I had a good day. I only took my pain medicine this morning, and have been pain med free the rest of the day. I don't know if it was the medicine or just the lack of food, but I was having that nausea feeling again. Anyway we got out twice today, and I am feeling fine. I even took my bandages off this evening and examined my stitches (I think they are cool). Anyway that's my story for now. I will try and do more about Christmas later with pictures!

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Michelle said...

i totally forgot to ask you how you were today when i saw you at church. i also suck as a friend; i did not even bring you guys any food!! have a baby or something so i can redeem myself! :)