Friday, December 7, 2007

Not a good Blogger

Okay so it's overtly obvious I am not good at this blogging thing. Well just add that to the tally of things I am not great at, cleaning house, cleaning laundry, just cleaning anything, keeping up with my scrapbooking (Joy's is at least a year behind, and the "family" one is even worse!) However, I am keeping up with Joy's moods and her schedule, she has yet to go unfed (although sometimes the meals aren't that great. I know all the mom's who are great at the cleaning and you can eat off their floors sometimes wish they had more time to spend with their kids. I wish I had more time to clean because I would rather spend my time with my kid. I hope that makes me a great Mom. I know sometimes I feel it makes me a great Mom but not a great wife. First thing when we win the lottery (that we don't play) is we are hiring a maid and a lawn guy, then Rob and I don't have those weekly things that keep us from Joy! Until then sorry no eating off the floor! I am not sure where that came from, but there it is.

In real news at our home everyone is sick! Last Wednesday night in the middle of the night Joy woke up crying, something she hasn't done in 4-5 months! I would like to say I rushed into her room, but I let her be for a few minutes until it was obvious that something was wrong and it wasn't just a random small cry. I get in there and she had thrown up all over her bed. I yell into the monitor to wake up Rob and together we clean the baby and the bed. Joy did not seem to phased by this other than it disrupted her beauty rest. When she was all clean and her bed back together we rocked her for a couple minutes and then I laid her back down. Rob and I headed back to bed. about 2 minutes later I hear her coughing, well I had to go check and be sure she hadn't thrown up again, and sure enough she had thrown up a little more. It wasn't much and it was high on her bed so we rocked a little then back to bed she went. Again a few minutes later she was coughing so since Rob was still up and had followed me last time anyway I let him take care of her. Until I heard her upset over the monitor. I went in and we all rocked. I think this happened one more time, and Rob took care of her that time (he was up no reason for everyone to be in the room). Joy and I stayed home from Parent's Day Out and she was fine all day. Friday again fine. She was fine all week, she was pooping more than usual (a good thing) and on Wednesday this week got a not that said she had a loose poop (unusual, but no worries). So Thursday Rob isn't feeling well and I leave him at home, with him thinking he will go to work just an hour late, Joy and I went to PDO as usual. I get home at noon to find out he never made it to work and is feeling pretty miserable. So Joy and I just do our usual thing and Rob stayed in the bedroom being sick. This morning Rob is feeling better but unsure about his prospects so Joy and I head out. Just past the mall Joy starts to cough, I check the mirror and she looks fine, but starts coughing again. I keep watching as much as I can while driving, next thing I know she is throwing up. I call Rob ask him if he is well enough to take care of Joy since I have to go to work since 2 other teachers, in my room, are out that morning. I bring Joy home drop her and my car here, then go to work in Rob's car. I get to work tell Donna (the Director) the story and we decide I can go at 10:30 when my kids will be covered by other teachers. I get home and Rob is still ill feeling, but Joy is no worse for the wear! I already have a doctor appointment for her this afternoon, so we will see if anything else is known, or if we just keep going as we are. I am glad to know that she is like me and just takes being sick as a minor nuisance, but it makes it hard to determine when she is sick! Is she sick? Has she been sick this whole time? *urgh* I can't wait till she has more words to tell me how she feels! Oh and in all this I don't like taking her temp, I refuse to do rectal, until I have been shown by someone who knows what they are doing and the underarm doesn't seem reliable, and we don't have an ear thermometer yet. So that is where we are now. *sigh*

News about me... My knee which has been hurting since Joy's b-day and I went to the doctor about took an x-ray said it was fluid, it still hurt but I didn't call until it was killing me after spending 3 days at my sister's 2 story house. I called and the doctor scheduled an MRI, and I did it last Saturday. Side thought that thing is loud, and although I am sure it really was 25 minutes it seemed very short. I decided going in that I would say a quick prayer to make it not seem as long as it was and God really answered that because when the tech said 6 minutes left I thought he was going to say 10 minutes passed! So the results were given to my doctor on Tuesday and I have a torn medial meniscus, and I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. I have that appointment on the 20th, which was the first new patient available appointment. I decided it's not killing me now, so I can wait. I will let you know when I know more. Until then if you see me hobbling you will know why.

Other babbling because I can... I am over ambitious this year in my thoughts for Christmas, I have a pattern and material to make Joy a dress. It's still just a pattern and material. I do have a backup dress, but hope that everyone will be well enough soon enough that I could get it worked on soon. What this means is she has not yet seen Santa, and our mall is a no go now because she would never be good enough for the line and then sitting in a stranger's lap. So if we can we will go to the Texas City mall, where Santa actually dresses like Santa, and it's a dead mall so that means little or no line. *shrug* we will see. Again needing the time we don't have. Oh my other bother this weekend is that we have 2 things scheduled to do with others, and I really want to do both but now may not be able to do either. The first is my friend Mary, her husband, her twins (2years) and her baby (7 mo?) will be here at Moody to see the lights etc.. I really want to go with them tonight, but if Joy is sick I don't want her to forever hate me getting her boys sick! Although her boys have recently been sick also. Then Saturday is our Christmas Party for our Sunday School. Also my sister is taking her residents (the teens she is house mother for) to Moody on Saturday so that's another thing we could possibly do if time allowed. *sigh* the ONE weekend the rest of this year we have stuff planned and Joy decides to be sick for the first time!
OKay that's all my ramblings, it any of it made sense I am impressed. I will try and blog more, but in reality it's not high on my list (although it does rank above cleaning the kitchen floor!)


Michelle said...

i find if you leave a trail of cheerios or goldfist on the floor, the average 18 month old will be happy to "mop/vacuum" the floor. try it. yogos work well for 3 & 5 year-olds too. :)

Geneva said...

Thanks for the update! They are definitely being read in L.A. Hope Joy and Rob feel better. We got your Christmas card and the adorable photo of Joy.
Merry Christmas!!!