Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not a dressmaker

Okay so I had this wonderful idea to make my daughter's Christmas dress. I even went as far as buying a pattern, material and the things that went with it. I have sewn before, I made myself a shirt (that I actually wore) at one point. I have made other things too, I did all my living room curtains, I have done other little crafty sewing things. So why not tackle a dress.... Let me tell you why not, the directions are written in a foreign language, they say it's English but I didn't understand it! In addition they are asking you to do things that just aren't humanly possible at least not by this human. I called my mom on many occasions asking what's this, what's that. She finally came over (a week after I gave up) and fixed some of the problems. Oh by the way I am doing this on her high school graduation gift/sewing machine. Well when she left on Sunday *all* I had to do was the side seams and the hems on the sleeves and the bottom then put on the cutesy little things. Well I managed to get it done (screwing up the sleeves but fixing with rickrack). Then I notice a few things I had not before. The dress is done (and a picture has been taken but our camera or computer did not delete the pictures last time we downloaded them so Rob didn't want to wait out the download of 230 pictures a second time for really only one picture.) Joy will wear the dress to church on Sunday, then to my Uncle's party and then again to the church's Christmas Eve service. Is it perfect, NO! Is it handmade with blood, sweat and tears absolutely! Merry Christmas Joy, I promise this is the last dress I make until after someone give me sewing lessons (a great Christmas present if you haven't already bought one for me!)

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Michelle said...

i decided that emily would wear her halloween costume every year until it falls apart, or the moths eat it. she also quite possibly will get married in it. :)