Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures (Finally!)

Okay so I have been promising pictures but anytime I can get on my computer Rob is typically on his and the pictures are on his and it's easier not to bother him to get the pictures so anyway finally here are some pictures!

These first two are of Rob's office for Halloween. I don't recall if I mentioned he did the Matrix theme with a couple other guys from work, well I never got the pictures of all of them, but here is his office. Yes he hand painted all that, and each one is a letter or number, a few coded for me and him to understand.

So Halloween night here he is in front of our home. He brought home the panels from work and hung them in the entry way, you can kinda see it in the pictures, but not really great. Basically you could not see into the house just the Matrix panels.

Switching Holidays, right after Joy was born my dad was here and bought this from a lady down the street. We didn't get it up last year, and it's not lighted at night, but it's out and Joy loves to play with it!

Now this is the Christmas Program at our PDO. These are the best 2 pictures (the only ones where it's not the back of her head.) She came out and jingled her bell for the song, but was a little surprised by all the extra people in the Sanctuary (those people were not in practice!) She did okay cried a little but was still the cutest one!

This is just a random picture, Joy got the top (along with some pants that are too big) for Christmas from my friend Mary. She's in the laundry room refusing to come in the house. Just being herself and cute.

Now here is THE dress! She hasn't tried it on yet (I fear more tears when she does) but it is as done as it gets and I am okay with it. If you look close you will see the mistakes, but your only allowed to say wow you made her a dress what a great Mommy you are! I think I might get my friend Michelle to embroider that into the dress. It's done she will wear it twice then it will hang in the closet until I am willing to toss it out. I am really hoping for some sewing lessons next year so I can make all her special dresses preferably with a little less tears. (The blood is inevitable I prick myself all the time!)

Well I do have some news also. I went to the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday. He agreed it was a meniscus tear, and then saw the MRI report (I guess no one told him it was there so he examined me and then when he came to his conclusion I told him about it.) So he said surgery is the thing told me about the surgery and I asked about the alternative and he said it would be like it is now, which is okay as long as I don't squat, go up or down stairs, or walk more than 20 feet. So The scheduling nurse came in and was looking through the calendar. She was in mid January when she asked how soon I wanted it. I mentioned Rob has off work next week, and she flipped back to December 26th, said she had a cancellation and would see if she could get the space back from the Surgery center. Long story short I am having surgery on December 26th at 10:30am. My sister will watch Vicki that day and Rob will be home all week just for safe measure. The doctor said I would be able to walk out of the surgery (after I wake up) and I should have little to no restrictions. I will have some at home exercises to do, but I should be better than now by this time next week. So that's my story this week. I hope to get some Christmas pictures of Joy in the dress and then on Christmas Day, doubt I will get them up for awhile though so be patient with me :)
Merry Christmas!

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Michelle said...

cute dress. i did not read this until the 26th at 1:20....praying you had a good surgery and will recover quickly!!