Monday, January 14, 2008

I ninkey

Last week I started to ask Joy if she was stinky. She just looked at me and would let me change the stinky diaper. She eventually started saying I ninkey (nin rhymes with tin and key is like the ones you open doors with), but only when asked and prompted. That is until today. During her snack she points to her diaper and says I ninkey. At first I didn't get it, but then I saw the look on her face and knew, so I praised her for telling me and told her finish snack then we will change you. Whatever right one time, it's just a happenstance. I was hopeful but not convinced she knew (I am sure sitting in the highchair makes it more obvious what she did?!) So later she and I had been playing and she was in the kitchen getting a drink and when I went to check what she was doing she said I ninkey. This time I got it and asked are you stinky? She repeated I ninkey. So we went to change her and she was again stinky! Maybe it's only something a mom can be proud of but I am proud! Now I know the next question is when are you potty training. Well at this time we don't even have a potty. So the answer is not now. My plan (as I always have a plan) is somewhere in the next 2 months I will find and purchase our potty chair for Joy. At first it will be a novelty when she gets in and out of the bath (that is if she ever bathes again, but that's another story). This summer is when I am thinking we will begin to really do the potty training. I will do like I did with my toddler at work. The diaper changes will happen in the bathroom with the option of the toilet or not. When it seems she wants to and can tell me before she goes potty (or I just decide I am ready) we will go ahead with underwear (NO PULLUPS!) but for now and possibly the next year it's just about not being afraid of the potty and knowing what our body is telling us when. I know potty talk like I ninkey is the first step.
So the bath.... It's an evil thing if you ask Joy. She has decided to strike and is succeeding at this point because I refuse to put a screaming scared child into the bathtub. I know she hates getting her hair washed, although that is usually the reason she needs a bath so I can't ever seem to give her just a fun bath no hair washing. I can't get in the tub with her until 3 weeks after my surgery (which is thankfully this week). And her dad does not give baths (although I think if he tried she might like him better which is probably why he won't). Anyway for now she is getting doused with a washrag when I can and she desperately needs it. I am trying with the baths as much as I can, but again I will not put her in the tub when she is screaming scared. Maybe she's manipulating me, but I do know she HATES it when I wash her hair, really it's the rinsing that is the evil part so any suggestions on how to rinse without getting her face wet are welcome. We already have the bucket with the flexed side to go on her forehead but she won't tilt back for it, I am pondering a visor, but she won't keep any hat on for 10 seconds why would one in the bath be better? So until further notice Joy is getting sponge baths!


Geneva said...

One day, she will LOVE baths! And long for the day she can take a looooong bubble bath by candlelight with a good book. ;)

Michelle said...

elliot (still, at 19 months) is bathed in his infant tub; in the bathtub. he absolutely will not get in a tub willingly. :)

Manic Mom said...

How could such a cute little girl ever be ninkey?!?!?!?