Monday, January 21, 2008


OKay few times in my life do I really wish I had one of those camera phones. Today I had one of those moments. I went to the grocery store tonight and it was normal (other than the tv's they keep adding?!?) until I went out to my car. What was in the parking lot, but a car with a flannel jacket as a window, all I could think was well now that's ingenuity!
Okay really that's it sorry.
On a much more interesting note I cleaned the craft room and started again working on Joy's album, she is now home from the hospital and almost a month old, but I ran out of the tape I like, so I need to talk to one of my creative memories people and see what they can do for me!


Geneva said...

That sounds so much like the kind of random things you would have mentioned in high school. Love it.

Geneva said...

I need more randomness! (And a Joy update, please!)