Sunday, January 20, 2008

Picture Time!

Okay I know you really just want to see pictures so here you go!

In other news: Well their is no news. Since she said she was ninkey 2-3 times she hasn't been cooperative on that front since, but I expected as much. She is still mimicing almost everything we say so I don't know how many words she has in her vocabulary anymore because she will seem to have a word but then not. She is working on her vocabulary always. I can't imagine learning as much as she does each day/week/month. She's a smarty!
Another cute things she does, which I think her Daddy taught her is Oh No! That may not seem as cute as it really is but now you have to know as she says it the hands go on the head and she shakes her head no.
She is also continuing to tell us nooooooooooooooo. I usually ignore it or say in a sweet voice no what. I know she isn't really telling us no, just having fun with a word she knows.
She did other day experiment with what would happen if she lifted her arm high and then bring it down on Mommy's face. She learned that Mommy would tell her in a not so nice tone that she doesn't like that. She also learned that when she gets her sad face after being told something in a not so nice tone that her Mommy still loves her, just doesn't like what she did. Hugs and kisses were exchanged.
She and Rob had a fun weekend while I went to San Antonio for a conference. I learned about Handwriting without Tears, which I think is a great program. I was very happy to learn finally how to teach handwriting as the kids messy handwriting would bother me to no end, but I never had the tools to teach good handwriting. Now I feel equipped. I enjoy my days/weekends away, but I miss my baby while gone, but I know her Daddy is a good Daddy and they need their time together.
Well I guess that's all if you need handwriting instruction for your kids let me know, the other 2 teachers I went with and myself are thinking of a summer camp for kids who finished K-2nd as we all need/want some summer income and the PDO doesn't go all year.

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