Thursday, January 31, 2008

a Little bit for G!

Okay since G asked here are 2 random and short stories for you.
Today Joy was in her crib having just woken from her nap and I hear her playing, I like to leave her a little bit so she adjusts to being awake, she is not a morning person! Anyway I all of a sudden hear a very odd and sad cry (like she is stuck or something is wrong. So I jump up to see what's the matter. At first all I see is her sitting facing the wall. Odd, so I quietly listen and watch as I creep up on her. Then I see her lean forward and do something and say uh-oh. So I ask why uh-oh (by the way startling her is the funniest thing) and she points to her shoe which is stuck between the slats in her crib. Somehow it is not falling behind the crib as it usually does (now I know how she gets it off and back there). So I ask what happened and she tugs and pulls at her shoe again. I ask is it stuck, and she just looks at me like why are you asking these questions you know the answer to and I don't yet have the words for silly just get me my shoe! Yes she said all that in a look! So we got her shoe and put it back on the foot.
Random story #2
So I am trying to teach joy to sit at her table to eat, so far just for snack, but we have to start somehow. So I am using my Grandmother's (Maw Maw)) footstool with an Eagle on it, we had it it's the right height so we are using it. However I don't have anything to sit on so I was on the floor, and I was feeding her the yogurt and she was happily eating sitting on the stool. She starts to get up, and I start to shovel the yogurt faster so she will finish it before she is up. Well I did not manage, but instead of just wanting to get up she was wanting to sit like me, on the floor. So she sat in front of me and finished the last 2 bites of her yogurt. I went and bought 2 chairs for the table this afternoon. Sorry Rob's on his computer and it's past my bedtime so no new pictures!
Almost forgot! I start sewing lessons on the 25th (Thank you Grandmother!) and can't wait to show off the beautiful easter dress I am sure I will make!

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Geneva said...

Aw, you love me!
I bet Joy can understand so much of what you guys are saying. I just think it's so amazing how much she's taking in and learning, and even though I am far, I feel like I can practically see it from here! It's just awesome. That's cool you're taking sewing classes. Can you make me a dress too? :)