Monday, April 28, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm...

I was filling out one of those lovely little time wasters this afternoon on CafeMom. One of the questions was a standard which I usually just throw in the first thing that comes to mind. However, today, it made me go hmmm.... The question was, if you were a crayon what color would you be?
I am sure if you haven't already given up on this post because it has no pictures you are thinking I am as crazy as I know I am. However this question today really made me think and I had no answer!
What went through my head? Well I thought I do not want to be the color that the child uses to where their is no longer any crayon left, it would be a great life, but end too soon. I do not want to be the crayon that is left in the box all the time and never gets used either. I want a healthy amount of use but I don't want over use. What color would that be? I don't know what that color is, but that is what I want to be. Loved but not the spotlight or the forgotten one.
Crazy survey!
Oh and if I can ever get my husband off World of Warcraft I think I have some great Joy pictures to share.


G said...

I think that color - the one that isn't used all the time, but still gets some use - is yellow. Or maybe silver if we're talking one of those big boxes of crayons. Or brown, but brown isn't the most fun of colors. Yellow and silver are cheery, celebration colors.
I think I'd like to be silver. Remember when I was in high school I wanted all my bridesmaids to wear silver? That would have been a disco wedding!
So, here's a question for you - if babies wake up every fews hours, why do they say "sleep like a baby?" And if you have a cured ham, what disease did it have? :)

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I didn't realize that this was a popular color which kind of makes me like it a little less.