Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm convinced she's genius...

Okay I know every parent is convinced their little one is a genius. This is my latest clue for Joy: This morning on our way to school were were listening to her songs on my ipod (I think it's my iPod but she has more music on it than me!). Anyway as we are going along it's between songs which usually elicits a "more" from the back seat (she signs and says it). This time instead of more I hear "climb climb" Huh? Why does that make her a genius, because the next song on the iPod was Climb Climb up Sunshine Mountain! Tell me she's not a genius for that!
In addition each week after church the volunteers in her class almost always without fail say how verbal she is. So I guess my constant blabbering to her has done some good.
Oh she is also into counting I think she has gotten to 6 on her own. When we play the ABC's on my computer ( she knows many of the animals and the sounds they make before they come up. She knows more animals than I can keep track of now. She can even distinguish between a fish and a whale.
So in conclusion my child is a genius, you can agree or not, but for me I say she is!

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