Friday, January 18, 2013

facebook keeps asking me questions...

I have noticed recently the little questions facebook is asking me... How are you feeling, Donna? How is it going? What's on your mind? I realize these questions have been there awhile, but it has struck me this week as I stare at my empty status bar. Does anyone on facebook really care how I am feeling, how it's going or what's on my mind? If I truthfully answered those questions what would people think? You got a small piece of my crazy with my last post. Here are some of my status updates that never made it to facebook....

How am I feeling?  I am feeling kinda crappy because facebook is the only one to ask me how I am feeling. (By the way if you know me and I know you read this asking me how I feel anytime soon will not seem genuine even if you mean it to be)

How is it going? Well my car was totaled, a family member is sick and doesn't see it, another family member needs help, and I have done all I can but I don't think it's enough, my husband is neglected because of all of the above, and we have only done 3 math lessons this year.

What's on my mind? My mind is full, full of the what if's and the how do I, and the what have I done wrong questions that plague us when things aren't perfect, it's all a hug jumble up there.

I could go on all day with truthful answers to these questions, but they get more detailed and that's where I have to stop. That's why nothing actually makes it to facebook I filter the truth, because I am friends with friends of not only me but those I want to talk about, but it's not public information yet. Until then the filter must remain.

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