Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nothing and everything to say.

I have stories. Life is happening this month! They aren't all my stories to tell. My life is intertwined with my sister's and my mom's but I don't have the right to tell their stories. Maybe sometime I will get permission to tell you all about my extended families lives. Until I can tell you their stories (if ever) all I can say now is life is happening.
I am an Aunt again, although it feels more like a first. My first niece is my husband's sister's daughter. She has been my niece since I got married. I didn't meet her until we went to visit his family in Missouri and then it was a short visit with them. I really don't know my first niece. She is expecting her own child later this year. I also have 2 nieces from my brother. I think I can claim them, I have never met them, they also are much older girls. My brother is really a step brother, and the girls are his step daughters. If they were closer I might claim them more, but it's hard when they are so far physically and distant from my bloodline.
My new niece is my sister's I knew of her 7 months ago. I saw her (from afar) on her birthday. I held her the first day she came home. She will be the cousin my daughter knows best. This is the part where I wonder what I should and shouldn't tell. She was born early, and although she and my sister were fine I was at the hospital and my sister's house to help/be company for my sister 4 days last week. This week I had to choose to limit myself. The help isn't not needed this week, but I needed to live my life and take care of my immediate family.
The stories are out there, but they aren't mine to tell. Next week I have another big one, but I can't say anything. Sorry like I said everything and nothing to say.

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