Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's a tooth!!

IT'S A TOOTH!!!! It's really small and just barely visible, but you can feel the roughness and Rob let her "chew" on the bottom of his Sobe and he could hear it!! Finally Baby Girl has a tooth!! She teethed very well too, she has been unusually fussier than normal the last 2-3 days (fussier than normal = fussy at anytime other than nap time) but she wasn't feverish and she still slept most of the night (she woke up earlier last night for the first feeding). She did take more from her bottles that she had for awhile before this. Anyway she has a little baby tooth! She is no longer toothless and hairless, just hairless, although if you know her well and look the hair is longer, still blond, but more is definitely there! That is the news of the day. When it shows up a little more (more than a fraction of a quarter of a centimeter) we will attempt a picture! Until then just imagine a teeny tiny little tip of a tooth, you can't really see it's more of a feel thing :)

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Michelle said...

elliot has finally gotten his first tooth too! it's broken through. seeing that tiny stark white thing in his mouth is fun!