Monday, May 14, 2007

For Geneva

My friend Geneva told me I needed to update my blog and tell all about Mother's Day. So here it is for you Geneva :)

My First Mother's Day:

This year I decided to be the hostess for our Mother's Day family lunch. So Saturday evening my sister came to spend the night and we prepared for Mother's Day. I made 2 pies for lunch, and we got things mostly ready (I had done most of my part since I didn't want to do too much on Mother's Day). We finally got to bed around midnight after we talked and prepared everything.

Mother's Day itself began as most Sundays do. We got up got ready for church and went to church. Joy wore her Easter dress so of course she looked beautiful. At church all the moms received red carnations and were honored in the service. After the service I was chatting with other girls from my Sunday School so I gave Vicki the security tag for Joy and she and Rob went to get her. I guess the good thing is not anyone can have the security tag and get her, Vicki had to show she also had Dad's permission. They picked up a nice little poem and a pink rose for me from them also. We then came home and finished prep for the lunch. I had done all I wanted to, but also ended up setting the table, and doing a couple other things before people arrived. The lunch was nice my uncle cooked a turkey in his Green Egg ( it's funny he even went to a Green Egg get together!) My sister made Cauliflower and Salad, and everything turned out nice. We all had a good time talking etc. My family isn't that big on my Mom's side, it's my Mom, G-Mom, Sister & brother in law, Aunt & Uncle, then our little 3 some; 9 people total. After lunch we did the gift thing. I got from my mom a cake cookbook (I now want to learn fondant more than I did before). My grandmother gave me some various stamps and stamping materials. My sister gave me a bib that says I love my Aunt, and some pampered Chef tools I have been needing. My daughter got me a very sweet card, a candle which I opened early and was burning the whole day, and a beautiful necklace with her birthstone on it!. I love it!! She did a great job shopping and I am very happy with my first Mother's Day. Thanks to those who helped her! Okay I know what everyone really wants is pictures so here they are:

Joy & Her Aunt Vicki showing off the bow off Mom's present and the new bib.

Joy thinking she can crawl! (Don't worry she only looks like she can!)

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Geneva said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks for updating the blog - you can't keep a girl waiting you know! I'm glad you had a great first Mother's Day. :) I love the picture of Joy and your mom. Love, G