Thursday, May 31, 2007

New tricks!

Joy is well on her way to being a mobile baby! She has many tricks for getting around as she is working on the important task of crawling. She will get her arms and front half up off the carpet look at you and push... backwards. If that isn't getting her where she wanted to go then she will half roll over then stop and go the other way, somehow this does move her forward (smart girl!) Then their is always just rolling over and over and over until you get where you are aiming, but if whatever is not in a direct sideline direction she will stop readjust her direction with the half rolls then return to the roll until she gets where she wants to go. Sometimes she is just out for the adventure! She will roll until she gets to nowhere. The first time she really did this we were waiting on my sister Vicki to come visit and so Joy got herself ready to answer the door, but she stayed off the cold floor and on the carpet!
She has also surprised me a few times because I will put her in one place or position and go do something for less than a minute come back and she is in a totally different place. One day I set her up to play in her "tent" (Peek & Play discovery dome). She was sitting very nicely so I stepped away for a minute thinking she's safe in there for a minute. I come back look in the tent and she wasn't there. I then heard a little coo from the other side of the tent. She was looking up at me from the outside of the tent like it was normal for her to move around!
The newest "trick" was a surprise today I was sitting on the floor half watching her half reading a magazine. She was happy rolling around in her usual play area, and then I looked up and she was sitting up looking at me like how did that happen. I didn't know, in fact it took me a second to realize she hadn't been sitting there the whole time and had just been rolling around! She sat up all by herself!! I was so happy I think I scared her with my praise! She got a bottle which it was almost time for anyway and we were all happy :)
She is trying hard to work on crawling. I have started to try and crawl around her allot and expose her to others crawling next week should be interesting with VBS she will be with others all morning! I don't yet know what other kids will be with her, but I believe most of the kids at our church around her age are already crawling so she will be the only one not mobile. I just hope she doesn't start crawling without me to be there to see it! If so I hope the ones watching her don't tell me so I will think it's her first time with me watching or at least in the room! She manages to do more when your not watching!

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Geneva said...

I think Joy looks SO much like you in that photo of her lying on the floor near her "tent." I can see you in her. She is beautiful.
That is awesome that she is being so mobile! I can only imagine how exciting it must be to see her growing and discovering more and more every day. Obviously, she has great parents. :)
Let me know when she starts crawling!!!
Lots of love, G