Thursday, May 3, 2007

Photo's for fun!!

Just for fun I thought I would put some pictures on since I just took them off the camera. Enjoy captions are below the pics!

A little while back I decided to just see what she would do if I allowed her to grab the food bowl like she always wants to. This was the result food everywhere, except in her mouth. Although since then she has begun to open her mouth for the cereal!! Yeah!!

This is Joy playing with her basket of toys, she empties it on ocassion and will also look for specific toys out of it. I also love her shirt it's Mickey and has her name!!

I just love this little dress and matching hat, it's just too cute. I mentioned to Rob we needed to take some outside shots of her in the cutest outfit ever and when I ran to the store he did! What a great Daddy!

This was just too cute to miss, the bucket she is in is from when I was teaching I kept the books in the bucket, I had one for each table. I now use it to transport clean laundry from the dryer to her room or our room. I had this one in the living room and decided to see what she would do if I put her and her toys in it. She had fun!!

Notice the train is not together or upright, this is because Joy does not allow it to stay upright with animals in it when she sees it. She likes the animals out of the train and the train on it's side. This picture was taken today along with the one below.

What Mommy aren't you done with that flashy thing?

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Geneva said...

Hehe! I love these photos. JOY IS BEAUTIFUL - you guys must be so proud. I check your blog all the time, so keep 'em coming. Lots 'o love, G