Sunday, May 20, 2007

Swim time!

I love to swim and I am excited to pass this love of the water on to my daughter. So today in medium warm Houston we decided since Daddy was home we would try out our local swimming pool. I walked by other day to see if it has a kiddie pool or not and it does. So we were on a mission to go swimming today! What I failed to notice in my walk by other day was that the kiddie pool was green, not cleaned at all. So we ventured into the big pool. I know it's still May and not terribly hot yet, so the water was a little chilly (a kiddie pool would be warmer since it's not as deep or big!) Anyway we tried it out and Joy had an okay time. She hated the cold at first, but eventually warmed up to appreciate the fun that could be had.

Joy's ready where's the water?

Okay Mom's feet are in what about Joy's?

Here we are in the water, notice how tight she is holding on!

Now we are in the middle of the pool okay, not too bad, only her feet are in the water.

We finally got Joy to sit on the top step, at first it was a little unnerving, but she warmed up to it and splashed a little and enjoyed it for a couple minutes.

All good things must end, but when you look this cute it's okay!

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