Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Blog Birthday to me!

I realized at some point in the last week that it has to be close to my anniversary/birthday for blogging. I just looked it up and it was actually one year ago Friday I wrote my 1st blog. So Happy 1st Blog Birthday to me. Now I am curious since I added my counter who is reading this. I know I have some family that are lurkers (Dad, Mom, Cousin Lynn, Sister-in Law Dotty). I also know I have some friends who read (Michelle, Geneva, Scott, Electric Monk) now who are the others that are lurking? Go ahead just curious who you are and what you like/why you continue to read. Here's something fun (for me at least) come out of your lurking and let me know who is here, and what your favorite post is. What you like and what you want more of. I am not a writer, but I do like to keep my audience happy. So go ahead let me know what you like, and if you want what you don't like, but please keep it constructive criticism!

Speaking of Birthday's my Mommy just had another one, and the birthday dinner was here at my house. If you look back a year you can see her big birthday bash from last year part of the reason I remembered my blog b-day. I actually think I finally pulled off a family meal without getting frustrated with anyone from my family. Now unless you are Rob you are thinking what you get frustrated with your family. Yes, I do quite frequently, we all have our quirks and mine is easily frustrated with family (okay one of my many, many quirks). I actually actively did things a certain way so that my frustration level would be low to begin the dinner. I set everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING up during Joy's nap. I had the condiments in containers, I had the table set, I had the burgers ready to be cooked, every little thing was thought out and done before anyone would arrive. This prevented my sister who is Martha of our family to not take over or feel she needed to in my kitchen. This was my dinner not a joint effort so I did all the work, and I believe I did okay. The next frustration I sometimes have is my Mom and Grandmother whom I love come early to everything! By early I don't mean a few minutes I mean a couple hours sometimes. I understand, they want to see Joy, but I am usually not prepared for them when they arrive. Well on Friday I had everything done ahead of time like I said and I gave the dinner time as 6:00 and said come when you want before that. So whenever they arrived was fine. I also did some pre-checking into when they would arrive. Oh and for my Mom and G-mom I don't mind you arriving early just let me know so I can be prepared! The evening went well and with few glitches I still had to get up from the table a few times to get things, but mostly because the table is not wide enough for all the stuff and the people! I do love my table though. My mom took a picture while I was finishing up, but I don't think I got one on my camera so sorry no pictures from dinner. I do have some Present pictures though, maybe some will make it on here later.

Well another thing that reminded me that it was my blog's b-day was our church's Easter Egg Hunt. Last year I sat Joy in front of an egg and let her pick it up on her own terms. This year I prepared her for the hunt! Yes I actually bought an Easter basket a little early and we practiced. So it's finally her turn to really hunt for some eggs, and her age group always goes in the playground area. I never thought of this as a problem, it was actually a great idea. Well let me explain what happened to change my mind... Joy was geared up we talked about eggs and she knew where they were, she was ready to hunt. We went into the playground with all the other 3 & under kids and we were doing good, she picked up 4-5 eggs then she was there in the shadow of the new playground equipment. She went from saying eggs, to saying wee (her word for slides and all things that you say wee on). Uh-oh come on Joy focus Mommy wants the stuff from inside the eggs. I moved her to near where the tunnels are, she thought about it and started into a tunnel. No, Joy eggs, remember eggs? Finally we go to the last unrecognizable to her play structure area and I think we got a second wind, and she picked up one more egg, or maybe a really nice older girl felt pity on me and handed it to her, either way we had more treats for mommy. In the end I also tossed a few more eggs in the basket since the area was full and most of the kids had lost interest. It was fun, we had a great time, and I can't wait til next year, maybe she won't be as distracted by the wee. Rob videoed the whole thing and I got a couple pictures. Oh and she did get to play on the wee after words. In all it was a successful egg hunt. I hope she has a little more focus next Sunday! I might let her keep what is in her eggs here! Although the Easter Bunny has some specifically for Mommy and Daddy!

When I get a chance most likely not before Thursday I will get the pictures up. Until then let your imaginations run wild with the pictures in your head.


G said...

Yes, Happy Blog Birthday to you! I was honestly surprised to know I've been reading your blog for a year, so I went back and looked at the original entries and the pictures of Joy when she was so litte... and yep, it's been a year! So, since I am a loyal reader, don't I get a slice of cake or a balloon or something? ;)

Beverly said...

Just lurking around so I can watch Joy grow!

Swishy said...

Happoy blog birthday!!! Now, go out and get yourself something nice :)

Bat the idea said...

I like what swishy had to say, although I am not sure if Rob would. Happy Blogday to you, Happy Blogday to you, Happy Blogday to you Donna, Happy Blogday to you. LOL.

As for Reading I generally read the first few lines and then if it catches my interest read the whole thing. I think you do a good job but sometimes if they are too long I cannot read the whole thing till later. A good title will be what catches my attention most.

As for the family thing - I think we all get frustrated with family and I am sure they know that you love them. Darlene - My mother in Law would show up early to. I think it might be in their blood. They are just eager to see their loved ones. I guess this is a good thing - Not that I am complaining - It just shows that I am Loved and you as well.

G said...

I like 'em when they're long!!! (Just so you know.)

Scooter said...

I didn't mean anything when I said something about blogs being long. I was just thinking about emails (when you asked) and how at times I won't read them because they are long and I don't have the time to read them at the moment. I figured that it applied to blogging as well. You asked for my honest opinion and I was just telling you what I think. When you have something to say you should and you have done a great job with your blog. I have been enjoying reading what you have been posting.

Cousin Lynn said...

Yep, Cousin Lynn, here to lurk! I have the same haircut phobia. I got my hair cut right before Paw Paw's funeral and didn't get it cut(except by myself) again until last June (just over 3 years)! I lucked into finding the most wonderful woman at JCPenney, she's a master stylist and I've decided I'm worth it! It did take me 5 months to go back, but the next time it was only 3 months, and next week will be my 8 week appt. Baby steps! I'm even going to make the appt for 6 weeks next time! She's super nice, and talkative (in a good way).

I do think your haircut is really cute and mature, it looks good! I always hated when they'd use the thinning scissors on me (I have thin hair, but lots of it), those awkward layers as they grew out. Have you tried to see what it looks like curly with this cut?

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, except the ones without Joy. The photos are great and since this is the only way I get to see my granddaughter, I really enjoy the photos. Did I mention that I love the photos. I love the three of you, too.