Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weather, Teeth, and waking up!

OKay I have been stalling because I really wanted to put some great Easter pictures on here. However Rob's latest home project is he has a PC running and sharing the monitor with the mac. I don't know how to switch between them so I can't get to the mac to get the latest and greatest pictures off the camera and into the blog! So with that said I shall bore you with what has happened in the last week....
It was Spring break last week, so we did not have school. We were able to go to Book Babies at our library twice last week. I really enjoy it although I wish they would read a book! They sing songs and do finger plays. I did realize that the Book Babies is for newborn - 18 months, and Joy did turn 18mo on Wednesday last week, but instead of being the youngest at Toddler Time we went ahead with the easier to do Book Babies (time is better and I don't know what to expect at Toddler Time).
On Tuesday we went to the Rodeo Carnival and Livestock show. Joy rode a few of the rides and seemed to have a good time. I told myself all morning before we left don't forget the camera, but you guessed it I forgot the camera, so no pics of Joy on her first Carnival rides.
Joy also had her first guest sleepover in her room. Lily came and spent the night on Tuesday- Wednesday so that her Mom could attend school, since they had seperate Spring Breaks she needed someone to watch Lily so she could go to classes and not have her sister take off work. Since Lily wanted to sleep in Joy's room I let her knowing it would most likely mean that Joy would wake up in the night. She did around 5:00 she woke up and I went and rocked her and gave her milk. Then she woke up again around 6:30 at which time I just gave up and got her up. What's a half hour anyway?
On Wednesday we went to a park then Monkey N'Around we met Rob for lunch at Taco Cabana then the 3 girls came back here so Joy could nap and Lily and I watched a few movies. After nap we went to the Library's Fun Day which included Clifford, Lilly and her Purple Plastic Purse, balloon animals, face painting and some other stuff which we did not do because we got there later in the day due to the necessary nap. After the library we went to another park this one across the street from the library. We then returned home since it was after 5:00 and Rob was home already. I then left Joy with Rob and Lily and I went to a bookstore then to dinner with her Mom and Aunt. I figured out I can do 2 kids so when Joy has a sibling I think with more confidence now I can manage.
Thursday we took it easy and did the Book Babies and then lunch with Rob and a quiet afternoon at home. Friday was a lazy day at home. The library was closed and doesn't do Friday book babies anyway, but Joy was also acting very tired around 9:00 and she was extremely fussy so I sent her to bed. She slept for about an hour. This is good because every day last week she was up around 6:00, I think she is teething and the weather has been extremely cold in the mornings. So between those 2 things she hasn't slept well all week. This also means I did not sleep well all week! Sorry if I have been a grump to you this week now you know why. Again on Saturday she took a morning nap for about an hour.
Easter well that will have to wait since it is time to get Joy up. Oh the reason I am posting at 7:00 in the morning is Joy was up at 5:00 crying on and off. I finally got up around 6:30 to straighten my hair since I can't just wash and wear my hair. When I was finished with my hair I went to check on her and she was laying down asleep again or at least quiet so I left her there, and came in here. So that is my story for this morning. I hope your days are better than mine is starting!


Scooter said...

Either way it sounds like you had a pretty eventful week. Sorry you missed the pictures at the carnival and didn't get much sleep this week. Hopefully this Teething thing won't last too long and you can get back to a good sleep schedule.

Manic Mom said...

Awww, cute picture!

And I want to give you a car--you made me laugh SOOOOO hard at my blog--THANK YOU!!!